introducing   Grid Cartographer 4

Elegant Map Making

Grid Cartographer 4 is a mapping tool for role-playing games.
It's the perfect companion when exploring classic games or crafting your next big table-top dungeon adventure.

A full set of tools are included to make the task simple including cut&paste, moving and rotating map areas and a wide selection of built-in marker graphics.

Custom Tiles Import your own custom graphics using 8, 16 or 32 pixel square images. These custom tiles can be used as markers or terrain - anywhere the built-in graphics can be used.

Game Link 2.0

The next generation of integrated RPG mapping. Use a specially modified version of DOSBox to play games in split screen while you draw your own map. ALT+TAB is a thing of the past!

Compatible games* will also automatically send player position information to the editor - tracking you on map as you explore.

Lost your way? Use the new footprint marks to see where you've been ... and where you've still to tread.

* There's a full list of compatible titles on the feature comparison page.

Publish Your Work [PRO]

Use the powerful image export features of Grid Cartographer 4 Professional Edition to send .PNG files out into the world.

Don't show them everything! Use the advanced filtering options to export a 'player version' of your map. Hide the true danger from the oblivious dungeon intruders. Make trapped chests look safe, hide secret walls, cover pits and pressure plates - they won't know what to trust!

Game Development [PRO]

Rapdily prototype environments in Grid Cartographer 4 Professional Edition, then export to standard .OBJ mesh files for use in your favourite game engine or modelling program.

Immersive Visualisation View your maps from a first-person perspective using the built-in 3D Engine.

Export to XML Whole maps can be exported to an intermediate XML format. It's fully documented to make integrating into your tool-chain easy.

Export from Script Write data to bespoke file formats using the powerful scripting features.

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