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Post Nov 21, 2018 19:12
You may have seen from my Twitter feed that I'm currently re-writing the text / label tool (in the Pro/Steam editions) to use proper fonts and sizes. Since you might not follow me on there, I thought I'd start a thread to show some progress.

I'd also love questions and feedback, plus whether there's any particular features you might want to see.


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Post Nov 21, 2018 19:23
To expand on this a little more, the new text tool will allow for:

* Selection from any compatible font installed on your system (e.g. I have 227 typefaces in various styles)

* Faux bold and italic styles in case your font doesn't have them, also underline and strike-through modes.

* Free placement of text, not restricted to grid alignment.

* Adjustable size from 6px to 250px which will scale based on the camera zoom / export size.