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Post Apr 03, 2019 02:03
Does anything else need to be changed in the conf file? I've updated output to gamelink and enabled GUS and left everything else at gog default.

EDIT: Actually I just played around with it some more and it *is* working, it just didn't center on the avatar, I found it when randomly scrolling around. Looks like it's good to go.
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Post Apr 03, 2019 07:30
Hooray, thanks for the update that's great news.

I think I've seen that centering bug myself, I'll take a look into it.
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Post Apr 03, 2019 20:36
I've fixed the code - what happens at the start of Ishar is that the marker shoots off very far away from the usual origin. The auto scroll code wasn't responding well to that big of a jump so I made it just do a centering action instead if the distance is too big. Seems to work well!