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Post Jan 24, 2020 03:15
I could swear I once had a hotkey setup for the Simple Block brush shape awhile back. Is there a hotkey setup for these two brush shapes now? I went through the entire hotkey section and I did not notice them.
Site Admin
Post Jan 24, 2020 16:34
Hi MikeSol,

The shortcuts for terrain shape and style were removed during the v4.4 UI overhaul and haven't been restored yet. I'll make a note to put them back, sorry for the inconvenience.
Post Jan 24, 2020 20:31
Ok David. Please also remember to put hotkeys back in for colors as well. Older versions of GC had them. I prefer keyboard shortcuts :)
Site Admin
Post Feb 04, 2020 16:19
I've added in new shortcut options for quick selection of the auto-walled block and simple block. I'll let you decide what keys to use, you'll need to manually bind them in: Options > Input > Key Mapping > Brush Palette > Quick Blocks
Post Feb 04, 2020 18:38
Thank you for the hotkeys for simple and walled block. That is reason enough to update.

Are you willing to add the color locking feature (or whatever you call it) to walled block and simple block at some point as well?
Site Admin
Post Feb 04, 2020 22:22
I'll think about it. It makes sense in principle, but I need to think thoroughly about whether it'd cause problems. Probably fine though.