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Post Jan 29, 2016 00:09
I'm currently working on making Game Link 2.0 a bit more user friendly.

NOTE: If you haven't seen Game Link 2.0 in action. Watch this:

In Grid Cartographer 3, the original Game Link feature operated over UDP based networking and provided tracking of the player position, facing and current region by reading memory addresses and sending out a data packet every 100ms. I called this feature 'netpeek'. Netpeek required editing the dosbox.conf file to paste in information about which game you were playing, where to send the information (by default to localhost - i.e. Grid Cartographer running on the same computer as DOSBox) and the bytes of DOS memory we were interested in for our tracking purposes.

In Grid Cartographer 4, with Game Link 2.0, a new shared memory connection is used to transmit image and input data back and forth with a specially modified version of DOSBox running as a local process on the same computer. However, right now it's still partially relying on the old UDP based communications for the player position tracking. This UDP connection is redundant, given the new high-speed communication channel that now exists between the two applications.

Therefore what I'm working on now is a system where, for users playing games and Grid Cartographer on one computer, no changes will be required on the DOSBox side (other than swapping the stock DOSBox .exe for my custom one) to make Game Link 2.0 work. All the user will need to do is to tell Grid Cartographer 4 which game you're playing and it will take care of the rest. Simple.
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Post Feb 04, 2016 14:04
A quick update today about bringing Grid Cartographer 4 to I've received an official reply now but unfortunately they've declined it (on the basis of it being outside of the scope of the site). While I'm of course disappointed, I respect their decision to focus on games and movies.

Thanks again to everyone who has voted for Grid Cartographer on the community site, it means a great deal to me. Moving forward, I'm still developing version 4 and I look forward to sharing updates as further progress is made.
Post Feb 05, 2016 15:50
Sorry to hear about GOG. Their loss! ;) I think the ceiling marker looks fine like that, it's not too intrusive. Thank you for the new secret markers! Looking forward to that very much.
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Post Feb 20, 2016 16:03
I've just completed work in porting the Grid Cartographer 4 windows build over to Visual Studio 2015 (compiled on Windows 10 x64). I'd previously been building in VS2008 on Win 7 x64. The new compiler has pointed out a few lines of code which could potentially cause confusion or lead to errors so I'm glad to have had this stuff pointed out.

I should also point out that starting with v4 the minimum system requirements will be Windows 7. It may still run on XP or Vista for now but it won't be officially supported. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Post Feb 29, 2016 11:19
I've not been able to find as much time to work on Grid Cartographer lately. Unfortunately with a niche project like this my 'day job' work as a freelance developer has priority and right now I'm in the midst of an exceptionally busy time.

Grid Cartographer v4 is still going ahead but saying 'spring 2016' as a release date now seems unrealistic. I've updated it to 'Summer 2016' which, although equally vague, should give a better idea and more realistically allow me the time to add all the things I want to get in for the next big release. Apologies in advance if I have to move this again :(

vvv Thanks :)
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Post Feb 29, 2016 21:40
David, your "niche product" is incredible as it is.
Please take as long as you need.
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Post Jun 12, 2016 16:57
Version 4 development continues on :)

Currently I'm working on the UI:


In v3 the UI has lots of hard coded English text in there so that's slowly getting replaced with strings from an XML file. The goal is full localisations being possible eventually.

I've also changed the colours a bit to increase contrast and overall tried to make it look a tiny bit sexier. I've also reworked the full screen menus to be 'responsive' so many of the pages now break into two columns to save on scrolling.

Hope you like it :)


Also in case you didn't see this on the GOG / RPG Codex forums:


ALT+ENTER now lets you maximise the game link video into an immersive mode in the editor. This makes it easy to switch back to the full game view during combat, etc.
Post Jul 08, 2016 07:56
What extra tools will the developers edition have?
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Post Jul 08, 2016 13:32
Grauken wrote:What extra tools will the developers edition have?
The extra tools have yet to be fully decided.

I'm currently focussed on the pro edition and it's now likely that I will release the developer and touch editions at a later time to reduce delays.
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Post Jul 26, 2016 11:24
I've updated the OP - removing some of the bits about the different editions until I can put together clearer information. I hope v4 won't be too much longer now but my availability to work on it is still somewhat unpredictable.

I've also been working on new features. For example - we now have a couple of new edge types.

Wall niche and Keyhole walls.


There's also been time spent fixing a few bugs and little polish things like giving warnings about trying to write over read-only files,