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Post Dec 19, 2016 04:58
Would there be a tutorial or an instruction guide for using Grid Cartographer?

I can use the program for my purposes well enough, but I don't know certain things, like how the Wand tool works or what it does. A manual would be nice for things that aren't so obvious.
Post Jan 29, 2017 16:39
I don't personally have enough knowledge or bandwidth to put something like that together, but to answer your question, the wand tool works similar to how it would work in your usual image editing program: it selects a portion of the map that shares the same tile type that touches. to get a good idea of how the tool works try making a simple set up like this as a test bed:

from here you can use the square select, paint select, and wand to see how the different selection tools work. It gets very useful to use the wand selection tool when you want to quickly grab an area and switch the type of tile you have for it. For example, if I wand select the grass area, select a solid tile, pick a color, and hit the paintcan to the right, I can quickly and easily change all those tiles. I can also use wand select to grab and move that area around with the move tool right next to the paintcan and you can drag it around, flip it, rotate it, etc.

Basically, I know this answer is crazy late, but play around with it and see what happens! :)
Post Jun 18, 2017 01:19
I agree with this. Some things suggest themselves to me, but much of it is not intuitive. I think at least a twenty minute demo video would be reasonable.
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Post Jun 18, 2017 21:07
volimance wrote:
Jun 18, 2017 01:19
I agree with this. Some things suggest themselves to me, but much of it is not intuitive. I think at least a twenty minute demo video would be reasonable.
I appreciate GC is starting to become quite a complex and potentially overwhelming program at first use. I would encourage you to give things a try though, explore the interface and figure things out by 'seeing what happens' - the status bar provides a lot of additional information as do the tooltips (linger over them for slightly longer to get extended info / shortcut reminder). I also would welcome any specific questions and 'can it do such and such?' here on the forum -- I prefer that sort of hands on direct tutoring vs. putting together a scripted thing which may not cover what you need to know.

I have concerns about spending time making video tutorials, it's a big investment of time for me (I have almost no video experience). It feels like this time could be spent making the software more intuitive and less in need of a tutorial in the first place. However I'd be happy and welcoming of someone else with more experience making YouTube videos could be willing to put together a tutorial.

I do plan to focus on the manual some more, I have sections of it written which could be out there. Editing and republishing a manual PDF is also much easier to do when I add or change a feature, vs. potentially redoing a whole video.

So I'm sorry this isn't ideal and not what you've asked from me, but I look forward to any questions you might have about the software and any feedback on how it could be more intuitive -- as a new user you're ideally placed to give feedback there.
Post Jun 18, 2017 22:25
I appreciate that you've gotten back to me (us), and I'll keep hacking away at it.
Post Aug 10, 2017 20:26
I've noticed on the premade game maps, some of the tiles have red triangles in the upper right corners, and those tiles have notes that can be seen on a mouse-over.

How do you make those notes?
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Post Aug 11, 2017 18:10
You use the Note tool which is on the Home tab (between the eraser and eye-dropper) and on the Label tab (first icon). Or use the default shortcut 'N'.