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Post Jan 16, 2017 20:25

I've been using GC for some time now for maps for my various D&D campaigns, but I'm wondering if there's a feature that I'm just missing, or if there's a way to make this work. Basically I'm looking for multiple layers beyond the single marker layer and the single terrain layer to work with on the same floor, so you can have an overlay with political boundaries or an overlay of GM information. I'm mainly thinking of this because the attached map is of the current game world, and there are a number of different political factions with their own zones of control that I'd like to show right on this map rather than try to draw on top of it in roll20. If I'm missing a feature that already exists and can be pointed in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!

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Post Jan 16, 2017 21:26
Hey FroMonk,

There isn't a specific GM overlay feature in Grid Cartographer per-se but if you're looking to show certain zones have you tried the 'Tile Effects' section of the brush palette. Specifically the Red, Green and Blue 'field effect' brushes. Drawing with this will give you a semi-transparent coloured overlay. Also, by default if you combine multiple colours in one tile it will show them as separate strips. However if you go to Setup > Display > "Use Blended Colors" (under the 'Visible Layers' section) and enable that you'll find R+G mix to Yellow, G+B to cyan and so on.

Hope this helps. I think in future I'd like to add drawing of multiple 'floors' at once on the map view. In the context of an outside map this would be a good way to use that feature better achieve what you're trying to do - or at least give you more options.

Thanks for posting your cool map!
Post Jan 18, 2017 02:42
Oh hey! I had noticed the separate strips on the fields, but I hadn't tried the Use Blended Colors feature. It isn't perfect, but it certainly gives me more options than I had, which is welcome. :)

On a totally unrelated note, do you have any plans to implement a default theme for new map creation? I typically gravitate exclusively towards the Parchment theme, since it tends to jive well with most of the map creation I end up doing, and in previous versions it seemed to remember the last theme I used, but the way things are in GC4 it always starts with the blue/yellow theme and I have to switch over before I can do anything else.