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Post Dec 11, 2017 02:42
This game is a solid top down tile view game with combat arenas ehen you encounter enemies (at least from the continent). I was hoping to sync GC with azalta and map out the continent. I already created custom tiles from the game (16x16).

Next i started to read the manual and scripting and realized i can't understand a lick of it. Programming has been a problem and i failed pascal to basic and even html. My head gets foggy and i just stare at the instruction to the program GC and go blank.

Now i can manually input each tile but this continent is HUGE (probably bigger than U4&u5 combined. So far i put in custom terrains:
Water deep
Water shallow

Its all i've found overland (inside dungeons and towns is done weird (9x15 room-mazes). In a dungeon are several of these "rooms" sort of like adventure construction set. Actually its like ACS + ultima tbh.

I'll keep trying to figure out how to synch this but i really think i am stumped. I feel like i've become more primitive in my age. (Must resist urge to club laptop).

One game download is here:
Post Dec 11, 2017 20:17
Well, i figured out you had a custom dosboc v115. Doh! So i opened that up and dropped Azalta on and BAM linked up. Pretty cool the dual screen. Now if i can figure out how to set this to an automap as i walk.

If i can't well, the locater of my coordinates will still make mapping infinitely easier. Man, if this worked with other emulators for nes, snes, gameboy, etc that'd be mega sweet.

I'm still a dolt on programming though.
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Post Dec 11, 2017 21:08
Hi, sorry for not replying - glad you figured it out.

Creating an auto-mapping profile would be quite tricky and time consuming so I'm glad you've at least found some use with manually moving the avatar marker (that's why it exists).

I've actually been doing some 'community' work lately on the open source RetroArch / Libretro project. I hope one day to incorporate elements from into Grid Cartographer. This will unlock the vast number of other system emulators. Will still need to create auto-mapping profiles for them, but you will get the split screen which is still an advantage over alt-tab.
Post Dec 11, 2017 22:14
God yes. Alt tab or even alt return can cause sound echo and delays in dosbox.

I should load up wizardry or one of the other programs listed. I am curious to see what these FULLY supported games look like in the mapper.

Its pretty funny looking at azalta map tiles 3d.