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Post Jul 07, 2018 16:40


Patreon provides a way for creators to run a subscription content service. In the context of Grid Cartographer this will allow you to provide support (and thanks) for the free updates to the software I release.


Thinking ahead to the future development of Grid Cartographer, I've found myself considering how best to proceed with funding of additional features for this niche project. I'm still passionate about the software after 5 years but sadly I do still have to justify time working on free updates vs. other commercial projects.

In past versions, there have been major point releases approximately every 18-months that have launched with a 'killer feature' to justify a fixed upgrade cost of around $20. If you didn't upgrade, you'd miss out on a great deal of cool new features.

I feel that Grid Cartographer 4 has matured to the point now where the value added to the software is more about the 'little things', the quality-of-life stuff you could easily take for granted but that makes using the software easier, faster and basically just ... better. There are some bigger features I'd like to add (e.g. LibRetro) but I feel the old model isn't flexible enough for today's market - so I'm exploring alternatives.

Given that minor updates to Grid Cartographer have always been freely released, I want to continue this tradition - any support you give is optional. Patreon seems like a great fit for this approach.

This means that for the foreseeable future there won't be a Grid Cartographer 5, instead Grid Cartographer 4 will be continually updated with support from subscriptions.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to releasing v4.0.9 soon!


* Grid Cartographer 4 is sticking around.
* If you bought a copy of GC4, you're entitled to all of the same updates to your software as backers.
* The aim is to allow me to continue adding cool new features to GC4.