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Post Jul 10, 2018 21:12
It has been a long time since I used GC but I want to use it now. In the video I am providing a link to, GC is in some kind of split screen view. I know that gamelink itself will only work properly with games that actively support it but can I get this split screen view at the very least with any DOS game? I don't remember how to do this if it is possible. Right now, I have GC in one window and the game in another. What is shown in this video looks more ideal. -->
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Post Jul 11, 2018 08:57
Hey MikeSol, welcome back to the forum :)

Yes, the split screen will work with any game that runs in DOSBox. I've played Blood, TIE Fighter and a bunch of other RPGs with it during testing :)

You're right that only certain games will support the auto-tracking feature, but you can play other RPGs and map them too, you'll just need to put in a little bit more effort since you'll have to manually move the avatar marker to help with your bearings / step counting. It's not much more trouble though really.

Here's some instructions:

1. Download 'Custom DOSBox' from the Grid Cartographer website:

2. Locate the install folder of your DOS game, find the "DOSBOX" folder

3. Extract the downloaded Custom DOSBox archive and swap out the old DOSBOX folder for this new one.

4. To enable video and input sharing, you can choose one of three ways:

a. Setting the 'output' parameter in the dosbox.conf file to 'gamelink' (instead of surface, overlay, etc.)
b. Use the 'dosbox_gamelink' executable instead. This is hard coded to always use split-screen. Either change the shortcut or replace the dosbox executable with this one.
c. Adding '-gamelink' to the command line parameters of 'dosbox'.

et voila.
Post Jul 11, 2018 18:57
Thank you! It's working fine.