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Post Jul 11, 2018 20:07
I am playing Ultima 4 now and I want to map the whole thing in GC. I am debating if I should continue using the default terrain tile set that comes with GC (what I mapped so far looks better then I thought it would) or if I should use the Ultima 3 tile set I found here in the download section. Ultima 3 seems to use mostly the same tiles as for Ultima 4 from what I can see.

With the default tile set, I can set up hotkeys for them which is nice because it means I don't have to keep the side bar open. I can completely disable it leaving more room on my screen for the GC map and the game. Is there a way to setup hotkeys for custom imported tiles?
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Post Jul 11, 2018 21:12
There isn't a way to setup shortcuts for custom tiles. What I'd suggest is trying the brush overlay - hold the space bar to bring it up and choose from that. It'll fade out of view when you don't need it and remember where you'd scrolled to so you should be able to place the custom tiles in a convenient offset for quick selections while maximising the mapping view area.

You can also setup the brush overlay to appear with the right mouse button by going to the Options > Input menu.
Post Jul 12, 2018 00:41
I currently use the overlay for specific tiles that I only need once in awhile. But I just tried as you suggest here and this definitely works better for me then leaving the side bar active all the time. I did not know that the custom icons were getting added to the overlay. This method works for me! Thanks.
Post Aug 05, 2018 09:33
I didnt know you could add custom tiles. Oh dear... now I have to decide if I want to be a freak about tidying up my Steam library for all of my non-Steam games.
Post Aug 11, 2018 16:08
Yep, the custom tiles thing is an awesome feature of Grid Cartographer.

It is going well. I am slowly mapping the overworld in Ultima 4 with the custom tiles. I hope I can find tiles for Ultima 5 one day in the right format for GC.
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Post Aug 11, 2018 21:21
I mean technically with the latest version you could write a script to import custom tiles directly from the Ultima 5 data files, but there's probably a simpler way...