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Post Aug 02, 2018 20:22

i've just recently got this program as a gift, and i'm using it to make maps for use in tabletop RPGs.

i clearly see the curved edge piece, but after half an hour of struggling can't seem to make a large curved wall, only a short bit that fits into a single-square. i'm a bit flummoxed as to how to make a rudimentary 20-foot round tower, or 30-foot, etc, rather than just the small one here.

sorry for the basic question.
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Post Aug 02, 2018 20:45
Hi MindFeather, thanks for posting your question. Unfortunately Grid Cartographer only has rudimentary curve drawing abilities, as you've already discovered, and can't draw arbitrary circles beyond the 2x2 you can make out of the quarters.

I think eventually I'll add polygonal graphics to solve this, but at the moment the best idea I've got would be to draw the circle you want in another application and then manually cut it up into 32x32 chunks and import those as custom tiles. I know that's not ideal but it's the best work-around I can think of at the moment.

Apologies this is probably not the result you were looking for.
Site Admin
Post Aug 02, 2018 21:05
I mocked up an example here, hope it helps!
Post Aug 02, 2018 21:27
thanks very much for the quick response and the mockup ... that's above & beyond my expectations for tech support!