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Post Aug 29, 2018 16:43
I ask this because I am mapping the overworld in Ultima 4 right now. I started at 0,0 and then turned off major grid lines and axis numbers. So all I see now is one very large sprawling grid in every direction - which is what I wanted. But will I hit a hard limit? Also, is there a limit to the number of new regions I can create?
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Post Aug 29, 2018 21:50
There aren't hard limits imposed by the software, I would expect performance to eventually start to dip and I suppose you may run out of memory at some point if you make a map too large. However I don't expect something like the U4 map to be a problem.

It can handle Wizardry 7 overworld and that's pretty big.

As a standard precaution for any size of map, save often and keep backups!
Post Aug 30, 2018 16:16
I backup my entire Ultima 4 directory after every play session to an external hard drive. My GC map file is also in that directory so it gets backed up along with the game files. My computer is 10 years old. I treat it like each day is its last.