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Post Sep 01, 2018 21:15
I literally cannot figure out how to use this. Where is the manual for the gamer edition?
Post Sep 01, 2018 21:30
Download Grid Cartographer.
Download Gamelink (custom DOSBOX)
Copy zip contents into the DOSBOX directory of the GOG version of EOTB1
Rename DOSBOX_gamelink to DOSBOX

Finally. Makes the old EOTB1 look very nice.
Post Sep 01, 2018 22:36
Also ... makes older games that are not supported look quite nice utilizing the new gamelink video driver.

So yea, this was completely worth it for me after that first bit of frustration, thanks. Please consider adding some of this info on the download page or on the main page. Using just the updated graphics, with smoothing, is a great thing for making let's play videos or streaming IMO.
Site Admin
Post Sep 02, 2018 21:34
Hi tolakram, sorry that you had a bit of a bump start and I'm pleased to hear that you got this working on your own.

Once the LibRetro feature has settled down and things aren't quite so up in the air, I'll look into writing a manual for both LibRetro and Game Link via Custom DOSBox and hopefully future people will have an easier time of it.