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Post Sep 16, 2018 03:23
I tried using the PSP core with no luck. So I looked at the Libretro docs (, and it looks like some default files are needed. Where would I put these files so that Grid Cartographer can find them?
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Post Sep 16, 2018 14:25
I don't know PPSSPP that well but you'll probably want to put files in "SYSTEM DATA / BIOS" tab. I'm currently working on improving it so it should be easier to do this in a future update, but right now you can import bios files, etc. from there by clicking the + button. -- edit: right now there's no easy way to create folders in there so it'd take manually adding them in the current version, sorry.

However, as Grid Cartographer only supports software rendered consoles you'll find that systems like the N64 and up won't work properly or just flat out crash. (DS is an exception because it's basically like PS1 level hardware and acceptable to emulate in software.) Sadly this means consoles like PSP aren't going to work yet without additional effort on my side.

I know there's some awesome games on the PSP so I'll have to work on a way to support hardware accelerated cores in a future update. GC uses DirectX9 on Windows and there isn't a super easy 'OpenGL' or 'Vulkan' switch I can press sadly. I'll need to assess the situation a bit more first. Certainly I want to finish off the existing features like Input remapping, etc. first.
Post Sep 17, 2018 02:05
Thanks for the response. I'll wait for the hardware stuff.

Thanks for the PS4 controller support!
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Post Oct 07, 2018 13:10
I've posted a question + poll about future CRPG development over on my Patreon page. You need to be a patron to vote but there's information about my future plans in the publicly visible post which you might find interesting.