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Post Oct 03, 2018 09:31
Due to a high volume of forum accounts being registered with the intention of later on coming to life and posting spam, but then not - leaving a mess of wasted accounts. I've taken measures to prune accounts that have no posts and haven't been active in the past month.

Apologies to anyone affected by this, please re-register and say hello ! I've only removed accounts with zero posts.
Post Oct 10, 2018 05:26
I survived the Purge! :D
Site Admin
Post Oct 10, 2018 14:13
:doh: knew I'd forgotten to delete someone :D :D :D ;) ;) ;)
Post Nov 01, 2018 23:00
It's good to still be here!
Site Admin
Post Nov 01, 2018 23:06
You're both great to have on the forum and I value everyone else here for their politeness and positive attitude!

Post Dec 26, 2018 23:46
I appear to have survived the pruning as well. :)