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Post Oct 06, 2018 03:35
I use Gridcarto for streaming, so viewers can see where in the dungeon I am easily. I'm pretty happy using the white on black theme, but it'd be neat if I could create custom themes to match the aesthetic of the game I'm playing.

As a recent example I streamed Swords & Serpents and wanted to rig GC to match the in-game map's colors. I actually had a really neat idea of replacing the in-game map with mine using some video processing tricks... but alas I couldn't get GC to cooperate. After some pondering I came up with the following options:
  1. Pre-create a map for every dungeon floor and fill it with colored block terrain and select the wall color I need from the palette upon drawing. This however won't "port" if I decide to switch themes later, and adds a degree of labor to each new dungeon floor I map (not much labor, mind you, but some).
  2. Hack the resource files in to make the colors for one of the pre-existing themes be what I want, but this seems very "unsupported" and hacky and locks me into maintaining those hacks.
  3. Alter the palette, however it doesn't seem like you can change the background color with palette alterations, and palette color 0 seems to be locked into being the wall color for the theme, so this won't work.
  4. Do video processing tricks to re-color gridcarto in my streaming software, which is kind of the nuclear option :D
Is there a better way?
Site Admin
Post Oct 07, 2018 13:25
Hi Trysdyn, thanks for asking. Right now there isn't a way to create a custom theme to change the background colour (which I think is what you're trying to do?)

It's a good idea though and I will add it to the todo list.
Post Oct 11, 2018 04:20
Yeah David, that's what I'm asking for. Sorry I tend to be a wordy writer :)

Basically the ability to set the background and palette color 0 to whatever, so I can just recolor the background and default colored walls of the map to anything I want, instead of just the 10(?) themes you've provided.

Thanks for looking into it.