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Post Nov 08, 2018 00:58
I just updated my version of GC. In the upper right corner there is a little arrow inside of brackets labeled as 'select viewport type'. But there was another button to the left of it in the older version I just upgraded from labeled 'Full Screen mode' When I hit that button it got rid of most of the interface which I like. That button is gone in the latest release. It was tied to the ALT + ENTER hotkey. But when I hit that hotkey now, it behaves differently. It puts GC in borderless mode. I actually like that, but I would also like it to get rid of the interface the way the old version did.

Is there a way to accomplish that now? I already found a hotkey for the side panel, so I turned that off. But I can't find any way to turn off the rest of the interface. I am referring to the region tab, the left panel, and the panel underneath the menu bar.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that I may have remapped that 'full screen mode' button to ALT + ENTER myself at some point in the past. I am not sure now. But if you can help me get rid of the panels, that would be great.
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Post Nov 08, 2018 09:37
Hi MikeSol,

I had a customer stuck in the interface-less mode and not sure how to get out of it so I reworked the full-screen mode to be potentially less confusing. Having changed it I see that it's no longer possible to recreate the mode you had in v4.1.1

You can turn off many of the interface elements by going to Options > Interface and unchecking the boxes in the 'Interface Elements' section. There's currently no way to hide the ribbon bar and main toolbar across the top of the application, so I appreciate this isn't as much space as you used to have.

I'll have a think about ways to improve this further.
Post Nov 08, 2018 15:24
Thank you. Just adding more checkmark options in the interface elements section to turn off more of the interface would be just fine with me.
Post Nov 10, 2018 01:36
Or even better I think, a hotkey or button that can just remove the entire interface, so I can bring it back quickly when I need it.
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Post Nov 12, 2018 16:28
MikeSol wrote:
Nov 10, 2018 01:36
Or even better I think, a hotkey or button that can just remove the entire interface, so I can bring it back quickly when I need it.
Okay, no problem - that's tucked-away in the next version.
You'll be able to assign a key shortcut in: Options > Input > Key Mapping > Misc > "Toggle All Interface"

In future I'd like to make this a bit better, but it'll hopefully do you alright for now.
Post Nov 13, 2018 16:27
That will do just fine. Thank you!
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Post Nov 15, 2018 11:23
I spent a bit of extra time on this and moved the Options > Interface checkboxes out into this little drop-down. As you can see, included on there is the hide all options (which changes to show all if everything is turned off).

I anticipate most users will just want the side panel button for a quick space boost, but this gives us the best of both worlds with few clicks (plus you can still assign a hotkey to the top option)

Post Nov 16, 2018 01:54
Looks good to me. Thanks for the pic. It really helps me to understand what you did.