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Post Nov 13, 2018 17:10
I have used Grid Cartographer (GC) before but never to this extent. I always wanted to map the overworld in these older games, but I did not really know how to do that with pen & paper. GC finally allowed me to do it. I initially was only going to map the overworld, but then I decided to just finish what I started, and I mapped out the entire game. The overworld, the towns, and the dungeons. All of it.

I started by just using the default tiles that came with GC but I was fortunate to find the Ultima 3 tileset here in the download area. Most every tile used in that game is the same for Ultima 4 (the VGA remake) so I was able to just use those custom tiles. What few tiles I needed, but did not have, I just used some of the default tiles that came with GC. It worked out well enough. I swear I enjoyed mapping the game out at least as much as I did playing it.

Anyway, I want to make just a few comments here.

First, I want to bring up color locking again. Yes, I want to talk about this again. I like using color in my maps. I used the black\white parchment type for this game. So I used the default white color for walls and doors in the dungeons. But these dungeons have blue orbs. I used the circle icon to represent those orbs. I wanted them to be blue, so I colored them blue. Then I needed to change the color back to white for walls and doors. The game has traps and set encounters which I like to color red. So every time I had to place a trap or monster icon down, I had to change the color to red, plop down the icon, then change the color back to white again. The game also has 'rooms' where you fight mobs. I used the square icon to represent those rooms. But I wanted them green. So every time, I came to a room, I had to choose the square, change color to green, lay down the square, then remember to change the color back to white again. Now multiply this by eight dungeons, each having eight levels each.

If I could lock the circle to blue, lock the square to green, and lock the trap and monster icon to red, the amount of clicking I have to do is suddenly reduced by... a very noticeable amount over the course of the entire game. I really and truly hope to see this feature at some point in GC. A good first step would be to put hotkeying of colors back into GC like version 3 had.

Second, I used a lot of custom tiles. It would be nice to be able to rearrange them somehow in the brush overlay. Not a must have, just a nice to have at some point as I do plan on mapping Ultima 5 out at some point if I can find the tiles.

Third, I just want to thank you for a feature I had no idea I wanted until I needed it. I started the dungeon maps at F1, then worked my way down to B1, B2, B3 etc.. I realized only after finishing two dungeons, I should have started at B1 so the dungeon level and basement level lined up. I was ready to redo those maps until I noticed a button in the floor menu called 'Move Below'. That saved me a lot of time. Thank you so very much for that one! :dance:

Finally, do you still add maps to your download area? Would you like mine for Ultima 4? I want people to see what can be done with GC with custom tiles.
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Post Nov 15, 2018 12:07
Hi MikeSol, thanks so much for your feedback. I've made a note of your suggestions and will consider them for a future version.

Also, yes I'd love to include your map for Ultima 4 -- if you e-mail me support at gridcartographer dot com I'll get it up on the site. Thanks!
Post Nov 15, 2018 15:04
Ok I sent it. Hopefully it arrives on your end ok.

For anyone wanting to view this, please note that it looks best with the white on black parchment type if it does not default to that when you open it.

Also, my maps are full of spoilers. So please do not view them if you do want the game spoiled.