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Post Nov 20, 2018 18:50
Hey there, so I'm playing Wizardry 6 right now with game link, and so far it's working really great! The only thing is, I want to rebind my keys to WASD, and I know you can rebind keys in dosbox by pressing crtl+f1, but I can't get it to pull up while using the game link dosbox. So I tried rebinding the keys using the other dosbox that is by the game link .exe, but then the changes to that don't apply to the game link dosbox. Is there any way I could rebind the keys for my game link dosbox .exe?
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Post Nov 20, 2018 19:28
Hi AdvancedHero, the input mapper is accessible from the system tray icon.

Right-click it and choose Input Mapper. The DOSBox window should turn into the familiar mapper screen and you can make changes there.

That's something I should have added to the Game Link manual, so I'll make a note to do that.

(You can also open the mapper by disabling output=gamelink, using the mapper, saving the config and then running in game link as usual)
Post Nov 20, 2018 20:13
Thanks for the reply.... but, uh, where do I find the system tray icon? I'm just a little bit lost.

EDIT: I used the second method you mentioned and got it working just fine. Thanks again