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Post Jan 02, 2019 14:58
Hello all.
I have been using GC for a while and David has done a really good job of considering the RPG uses of his tool. Some more features would never hurt but we can create some pretty cool maps with what is there. In just about any mapping tool i have used you end up having to bring it in to photoshop (or in my case gimp) to give it some final treatments. I figured i would create a thread to post a few that i have made.

here is one done in a "dyson" style:
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Post Jan 02, 2019 15:06
That looks great, thanks for taking the time to post your map here!
I look forward to seeing more of your creations, and also thanks for the kind words.
Post Apr 05, 2019 22:25
That looks really nice! Is that a custom tileset, or was it "Dysonized" after being exported?
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Post Apr 05, 2019 22:37
Looks like it was done off-grid ;)