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Post Apr 16, 2014 19:52

I have just found your software today and I was impressed. I have the pro version and I am looking into creating some custom game tiles. I searched the forum and found only a single post on custom tiles and the link you provided there was dead.

Is there anyone who has a custom tileset I can use as a starting point? I have no graphical skills to speak of so anything will help. Any info to go on would be great and much appreciated.
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Post Apr 16, 2014 21:11
Hey GabrialH,

Sorry those links weren't working. They were probably for the old v1 tilesets which were a pain to use. In v2 it's much simpler !

I'll get the ball rolling with a few tiles I've just knocked up. I'm not the best pixel artist in the world but I find it fun and I think that's what counts really :-)

Here's some mono tiles:

Image * chained prisoner

Image * some kind of stasis pod thingy

Image * a dangerous chest, take care!

Some colour ones:

Image * Some alternative sand

Image * A slightly more 8-bit looking stone floor

Image * retro grass

Image * don't tread on the flowers!

Hope this helps!
Post Apr 17, 2014 13:35
David much thanks.

That is exactly what I needed. Now that i have something the right size I can put my atrocious pixel art to use myself.

Thanks again. I am really appreciating the tool.
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Post Apr 29, 2014 21:05
I've updated the 3 monochrome tiles for compatibility with v2.0.3. With this update it is now standard for both 3 and 4 channel .PNG files for white on black to work correctly. Previously 4 channel PNGs (such as those created in Photoshop) required you to use transparency which was awkward.

Existing imported custom tiles in your maps are stored in a different format altogether and are not affected. This change is only for freshly imported custom tiles in v2.0.3.
Post Nov 18, 2014 12:41
Saw that today and I thought about this thread:

Various tiles that would seem to fit the "style" for GC, and that's in the public domain.
Post Jul 08, 2016 16:56
4 tiles I did for my Wizardry 6 map

the following 2 are based on tiles from David E. Gervais, found here ... collection

I basically converted them to monochrome and changed a few pixel to make them fit 32x32 better

Image a snake for Mystaphaphas
Image and a dragon for Belas

and 2 I drew myself

Image a spaceship
Image and the magic pen itself

a few more

Image cheese piece (did this for W6)
Image a horn (did this for W6)
Image a banana (did this for W7)
Image a bonsai tree (did this for W7)
Image a comb and a brush (did this for W7)
Image an idol, or alternatively a golem (for W7)
Image pickled innards, you don't want to know from whom (for W7)
Image a rocket (for Captive)
Image a tree (for Captive)
Image guy in a shop (for Captive)
Image some kind of generator (for Captive)
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