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Post Jun 17, 2014 02:02
Hi everyone, so figured I'd post some screenshots of what I've made in Grid Cartographer 2 for my game Dungeons & Flagons (Name might change), maybe it'll give some people some ideas. This is a game I've been working on for the last several several months, I've only created the first half of the game, though I know exactly how the whole rest of it will be.

I'm going to tell about the game, for those who are interested please feel free to read about my game and its story, any feedback would be appreciated. For those who don't want to read a wall of text, just check out the screenshots real quick. ;)

Here is one of the first levels, Balthazar Castle Dungeons, after level 0 which is a dream, you wake up in a cell in the dungeon of castle Balthazar, you must figure out how to escape the cell, then escape the dungeon itself, figuring out puzzles and avoiding traps and monsters.

You escape to some ice caverns under the castle, after making your way out of the caverns you come to level 3, the mushroom forest. Here you must make your way to Mount Roknar, where you are seeking for 1 of 3 black skulls (more on that later).

After entering through some tunnels at the base of Roknar, you arrive at level 4 which is poisonous tunnels filled with slime monsters, poison spiders, and pools of poisonous water.

This was a fun level I created (level 5) which is basically a clash of different puzzles and riddles from Legend of Grimrock

Level 6 is where the story starts to evolve. You're in the vaults of the six kings. You must find each of the 6 emblems of the ancient kings to open the vault door to their crypt where they store their treasure. But you aren't looking for treasure, you're looking for the black skull.

Level 7, Crypt of the Six Kings. Each king represents one of the 6 elements. Ember King of Fire & Ash, Rime King of Ice & Water, Blight King of Earth & Disease, Tempest King of Wind & Lightning, Hallowed King of Light, and the Abyss King of Darkness. After going into each of the Kings graves, fighting them (except the Hallowed King who wasn't there), and solving their trials, you unlock the vault door to the black skull. After obtaining the skull, the Hallowed King approaches you and explains that the skull will bring the about the destruction of the world if it were to enter the wrong hands, then tells you that you cannot leave with the skull and enters combat with you.

I haven't mapped out the rest of the game, but basically from there, you exit Mount Roknar from the other side and you must traverse a giant desert, enter a pyramid, and descend deep underground where there is ancient technology that your presence starts to wake up. You'll find the second black skull and an airship. With the airship, you can travel to previous areas and gain access to parts of the level that you couldn't before. Story wise, you need to head back to the first level, Castle Balthazar, but this time you are in the castle itself instead of its dungeons. In the castle, you must avoid the guards and sneak your way into the vault and steal the last black skull.

From there, you take the black skulls to the last few levels, which is an ancient battle was fought and scarred the planet, leaving cataclysmic volcanos and giants rock peaks. There, at the center of the wasteland, you descend into an ancient castle mostly destroyed and overrun by lava, smoke, and otherworldly monsters. You use the three skulls to summon the creature who caused all this destruction thousands of years ago (Basically a giant wraith skeleton with 3 black skulls for its head). You summon him because he is still in a weak state, but he is gaining strength and if he isn't stopped now, then when he returns to full strength he'll return to the planet and cause mass genocide and destruction.

It was originally the 6 ancient kings who sealed him away all those years ago. This time, you will destroy his physical being, then travel into the spirit realm where the last level is. This level is by far the largest out of all of them and has very unique puzzles (such as changing the gravity multiple directions, shrinking and growing in size, hallways that bend into themselves in a way the defies physics, and so on). At the end of the level, you find the wraith and you fight his second form. And that is basically the end of the game. I'm leaving out about 95% of the lore because it would be way too much to type here lol
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Wow, Lyle that's great. Thanks for sharing! I like how you've used labels, especially for the mob list 'popup' in the Mushroom forest map.

I've featured your map on the gallery overview, so hopefully many other people will come and take a look :-)
Post Jun 18, 2014 16:31
David Walters wrote:Wow, Lyle that's great. Thanks for sharing! I like how you've used labels, especially for the mob list 'popup' in the Mushroom forest map.

I've featured your map on the gallery overview, so hopefully many other people will come and take a look :-)
Oh cool, thanks! ^^
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Here are two maps I created with the tool and a lot of custom tiles.
The descriptions are in German but if you are really interested I could easily translate everything.
Because they are too big I can't really post them here, so I will just leave the links to the full versions here.
Post May 07, 2015 01:58
One of my most time consuming maps ever - a big arena in the desert (which we actually used in a RPG). Yeah, I know that a lot of people from the audience are looking in the wrong direction but to have a modell of each NPC looking in every direction would have been a bit too much of a hassle.
Post Nov 10, 2016 14:21
What program did you use to make your pixel art? I tried shrinking regular pictures for 32×32 tokens, but they look a little poopy. I'm running a forum game and I need to make pixel art for each PC, so any advice on making them like you did would be appreciated.

What proportions did you use for the adults?