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Post Feb 23, 2016 06:57
I'm making an attempt to finish Elvira 2 (wish me luck), and I'm using Grid Cartographer to map out the dungeon crawling sections. I'll update this thread as I finish mapping each floor.

To start, here's the first floor of the spider caverns. The "well" is the underground lake that you need to eventually dive into. The rest (elevator, ramp down) are what they actually are in the game. The orientation of the map assume that you're facing "north" as you enter.

The map in PNG format: ... .png?raw=1

And in GCT format: ... 1.gct?dl=1

I'm not sure how properly I'm using Grid Cartographer (the cropping in the PNG is noticeably off, and the numbers that indicate coordinates aren't really meaningful), so feedback is welcome.
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Post Feb 23, 2016 12:05
That's cool, Dugan.

The options you might be looking for are:

File > Publish > "Pad Image to Major Grid Lines". Turn that off and you'll get a tighter cropping of the map.

also either disable:

Setup > Grid > Show Axis Values


File > Publish > Override View Settings > Axis Values

to remove the numbers.

You may also want to drop the major grid lines too since they don't seem to be relevant either.

Keep up the good work!!
Post Feb 25, 2016 06:42
Still working on the next floor. In the meantime, I found a scan of the official hint book (with maps) to cross reference my work with.

I wasn't sure if I should post the link here, as it *is* still copyrighted material.
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Post Feb 26, 2016 07:18
Spider Caverns floor 2. As the orientation of the floor 1 map had you entering this floor while heading left from the right side, this map is oriented as if you entered from the right side heading left. The scorpion mini-boss, the entrance from floor 1, the elevator and the exit to floor 3 are all marked.

PNG: ... .png?raw=1

GCT: ... 2.gct?dl=1
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Post Feb 27, 2016 22:01
The spider cavern section is done. Well, as done as it's going to be.

Floor 3 is in two separate halves until you finish this entire dungeon and you pass through it again on your way out. I was mapping it out as I played it, and hence it's two maps here. Someone more hardcore than me would go back and redo it as a single proper map, but honestly, if I never have to play this section again it would be too soon.

Floor 3. Part 1: PNG: ... .png?raw=1

Floor 3. Part 1: GCT ... a.gct?dl=1

Floor 3. Part 2: PNG: ... .png?raw=1

Floor 3. Part 2: GCT ... b.gct?dl=1

On Floor 4, the key is in the mummified director's wallet (on that tile), the monster is the giant spider, and the ladder is where you climb down to meet Elvira. The spider is drawn where it originally appears. When you get the key, you see it in the distance and you shoot an ice dart at it.

Floor 4: PNG ... .png?raw=1

Floor 4: GCT ... 4.gct?dl=1
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