Share image exports, map files and custom tiles here.
Post Oct 14, 2016 16:41
I'll be posting some of the maps I make here, just showing off what I've been doing with Grid Cartographer.
Here's the first one. It's a spaceship for the RPG Myriad Song: ... and-Worlds

Here's what could be the first of many.
Upper Deck

Middle Deck:

Lower Deck
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Post Oct 15, 2016 14:03
Here's an airship I made for D&D.

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Post Oct 15, 2016 14:34
These are cool, thanks for posting !!
Post Oct 16, 2016 23:23
I told my friends I had Grid Cartographer and I was interested in showing them what you could do with it, so I had asked them to come to me if they needed a map. Someone came through, and they gave me the dimensions of the outer and inner square, and I went to town on the rest.

The file is too large for this forum so here's a link. ... ond4zg.jpg
Post Oct 19, 2016 20:11
I made a series of tiles to represent sandbags, here's a zipped folder of all of them. ...
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Post Oct 22, 2016 17:57
Don't know if you saw this but:

Image ... 4834525184


btw. Feel free to make new topics in this forum for each map you make ! Don't get me wrong I'm happy you're posting here at all, but I don't want the lack of threads to imply I want there to be a lack of threads :)
Post Oct 23, 2016 19:04
That's awesome, Sir. Thank you for sharing!
I know it's helping you, of course, but I'm proud that my work is getting around!

I'm glad you looked into the game I made the map for, and contacted Sanguine. That was cool.

Would you like me to separate my current replies into new posts, or just start making new topics from now on?
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