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Post Jun 02, 2017 02:22
This is a dungeon I've been putting my players through for the last 4 game sessions and has been the focal point of the first arc of the campaign I'm running in my homebrew D&D game.

Brief synopsis: A hero of the last war founded a wizard's college devoted to studying what he termed "Nexus Theory". The idea behind a lot of the research here dealt with manipulating space and time, for things like teleportation and/or planar travel. A couple of years ago, the founder was far more withdrawn than normal, rarely making public appearances and occasionally being seen muttering to himself (the analogy I made was "imagine if Dumbledore came back from Azkaban and was never the same, and never made his customary speeches or appearances at Quidditch or anything like that again"). Then six months ago, the tower vanished into thin air for no apparent reason.

It turns out the reason for this is because in an experiment on planar travel the entire tower was planeshifted, and in the mess that created, it got a little too close to the Far Plane, and after that began to take on a life of its own. Nothing makes sense, dining halls and dorms are split and mirrored on the second floor, the Entrance Hall quickly degenerates into mindless halls, the third floor loops in the north/south ends, and the fourth floor is a nonsensical maze. Throughout all of this, monsters of any type can find themselves in the Center, the party suffers madness effects whenever they take a long rest inside the Center, and for every hour that passes inside the Center, a day passes on the material plane. So far my group has been in here for what they think is about a day, but has been closer to a month.

Entrance to the Center for Nexus Theory is only achieved during the hours of 2am and 3am during the witching hour, when the influence of the Far Plane is weakest.

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Post Nov 17, 2017 19:13
I love the blue style old school maps. Gives me ideas for when I get down and dl this product.