It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post May 20, 2015 11:43

It's really a VERY tiny thing nagging me, but the "bars" graphics looks kinda blurred and generally out of place, as compared to sharp brushes for pits, pressure plates, etc.

That's what I mean:

Maybe, a bit sharper graphics for bars?

Which leads to question 2 :) I've searched through the forum for an instruction on how to replace standard brushes with custom ones (not adding new brushes, but using a custom brush for, say, "pressure plate" or "stairs up" or "bars"). And I was unable to locate one. I dimly remember reading something about editing TGA files, but all details are lost from memory. Could you please briefly explain the procedure?

And the last one :) Any chance for adding custom styles for solid blocks on our maps? For example, in my Visio days, I used to fill in the solid blocks with a crosshatched (?) pattern, like this:
Would be real nice for us to be able to paint the blocks with some basic patterns.
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Post May 20, 2015 11:54
Hi, the first issue is because your graphics card driver is forcing anti-aliasing to be on.

On Windows, Grid Cartographer requests it only for the 3D view and that it be off for everything else. However since old games exist that pre-date anti-aliasing, most drivers have options to force it on all the time. Have a play around with your drivers and see if you can turn it to "application controlled" for gridcart##.exe.

For reference, here's what it looks like on my computer:

Secondly, modifying the existing brushes isn't supported (but psst. extract and have a look around you can effectively mod your copy. Make a zip with your changed files called and it'll patch it)

Third, I'll make a note of that hatching idea. It does look pretty.
Post May 20, 2015 12:06

I disabled anti-aliasing for gridcart64.exe, and you cannot imagine how much clearer everything looks now -)) Thanks a million! That was pretty stupid of me :)

Regarding - I've just tried opening the brush files in several image viewers and editors; some of them have no TGA support at all, and those that do display your TGA brushes as blank white squares, which is clearly wrong. What application do you use to draw your brushes?
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Post May 20, 2015 13:03
Glad it's better! Sadly there isn't much I could have done to have avoided this, since the driver override is deliberately outside of my control, but I'm glad at least it doesn't look totally broken when AA is enabled (which can happen)

I use Photoshop CS4 to make all the icons and in those TGAs the content is stored in the alpha channel. Sadly, and for no good reason, alpha support is pretty awful in many other art packages in my experience and you just see the RGB channels (which are white). It makes it more efficient to render them but requires you have compatible tools. Sorry this isn't easy for you - out of interest, what did you have in mind to change?
Post May 20, 2015 13:16
Just discovered that creating PNG files with transparent background (many image editors can do this) and converting them to TGA via works great.
David Walters wrote:out of interest, what did you have in mind to change?
Small things, like brushes for stairs up/down, pressure plates, etc.
Your default brushes are also excellent - it's just a question of old personal habits :)
Post May 21, 2015 18:25
Hi David,

sorry for bothering you again with small things - but is there any way to disable animation for brushes like pressure plates and buttons? It's probably just me, but when working on a map, seeing these tiny crawling movements from the corner of eye is sort of unnerving :)

BTW, the Game Link idea is absolutely fantastic! Love it already.
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Post May 21, 2015 18:37
Thanks for the request - I'll put an option to disable them on my task list. More options are good!
glaymore wrote:BTW, the Game Link idea is absolutely fantastic! Love it already.
Thanks, I'm quite pleased with it myself! ;) Helping me rediscover some classics from my childhood in new electronic ways.
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And what can you say about this service?