It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Sep 14, 2016 16:59

I have been a very happy customer of Grid Cartographer since version 2, I absolutely love it and it has made my life a lot easier.
One thing that I am missing, and that would help a lot in the type of maps I'm doing is "Onion Skin". or the ability to see the layer below you while you are working (of course, semi transparent). This would help a lot in keeping a building to be consistent among all floors, etc.

Would this be possible? It would make map-making a huge deal easier.

Thank you so much
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Post Sep 14, 2016 17:19
Hey Diego, thanks for your post - that is a great idea!

I will put it on the list and see what I can do. It'll be useful to have multiple floors treated more like Photoshop layers for other uses of the software, so definitely one I'd like to work on after v4 releases.
Post Nov 07, 2016 17:31
YES Please!
I was just going to request this. It would actually be really cool to see more than one level deep actually (and possibly export that image). I am thinking controlling it similar to visible layers in photoshop/gimp. A different color for each layer outline imposed in this view or something? I have a map (one that i am playing with the 3D render option for, that this would be great for.
Post Oct 15, 2018 02:57
Just picked up GC last night, I really think this is a feature that would be very useful.
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Post Nov 07, 2018 17:08
Thanks for the requests everyone - I'm working on this feature for the Pro Edition - it should be in the next update. ... 6385489921