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Post Apr 10, 2018 20:29
While messing around with side by side mapping (one in 3D mode and one via traditional Top down) I started to ponder a few ideas:

1 Customized 3D Wall gfx (while not noticed from top down they would be seen in 3d) Plenty of games seem to have walls of various customized pics (Might & Magic 1 being the top one, Bard's Tale city maps, and probably many more).
Black or colored walls are ok but this would look pretty dang cool.

Walkthrough walls & transparent object walls. Think back on say FR construction set in 3D mode and some walls could be set to be walked through.

Allow gif files for animated tiles. There is one in the default tiles (water I believe) that is animated. I quickly put together an animated lava tile and then I realized.. PNG ONLY ATM. GAH!

It would be cool if the walls could also utilize png.

The final thing is to allow more customized Walls and objects that aren't floor tiles. I couldn't see where (I may have skimmed over how) to add different walls/doors. The one's provided are fine but sometimes I want different doors in not only color but size. (ie. a door not touching walls, double or triple doors, a long S for secret doors etc).

A lot of this is purely cosmetic and the walls and doors function well enough for me to walk the dungeon to make sure I've made no errors. It still is pretty cool to move around like its almost an rpg or maze game all on its own.

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Post Apr 11, 2018 09:43
Hey McDeath, thanks for the suggestions.

Yeah the water is a hand-crafted special effect and not a .GIF file, sorry about that. I'll take on board your suggestions - the 3D mode is fairly basic at the moment and ideally would be developed into something more like a texture mapped game engine than the basic vector style we have now.

I'm currently focused on LibRetro integration, but this is definitely one of the areas I'd like to take further forward in future updates.