It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post May 29, 2018 21:05
Hello !

It could be very useful to have the ability to add/move/resize image(s) on background in order to draw grid above.

Is it possible?

All the best!
Site Admin
Post May 29, 2018 21:24
Hi havernas,thanks for your suggestion. This isn't possible in the current version but i'll add it as a possible feature for a future update.
Post Feb 04, 2019 22:22
Hi David,

It was nearly a year I asked for the ability to put a background image on the grid. I'm following your software with a lot of interest but unfortunatly it seems you had no time to work on this feature. ;)

Did you plan to add this feature in your product, and if so when do you plan to add it?

All the best and thanks for your work. :D
Site Admin
Post Feb 05, 2019 10:03
Yeah sorry, there's a limit to what I can achieve as a one-man-band.
Post Feb 09, 2019 18:12
No problem though, I perfectly understand. But just knowing if it's an interesting feature and you're planning to work on it will be enough for me, I can be patient. ;)