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Post Oct 08, 2018 19:33
Am I just remembering incorrectly? I don't think so. When I last used GC, I assigned hotkeys to colors. I always wanted certain icons like the monster icon to be colored red. So I set a hotkey for 'R' which meant red. I went through the hotkey section multiple times and I dont see where these color choices are. Were they removed?
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Post Oct 08, 2018 20:33
I had to check this out from my archives as I'd forgotten, but you're absolutely right - in v3 there were hot-key options for the 16 colours. The shortcut feature was removed in v4.0 (two years ago) when the palette was increased to 256.

I've been feeling that the colour system needs a few improvements lately so I'll put this on that pile - since it seems like a useful feature worth reviving. Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean-time :(
Post Oct 08, 2018 22:28
Thank you. Having hotkeys back for those 16 colors would be very useful to me.

And even though I made this suggestion awhile back in your suggestion section of your forum, since it is relevant here, I just want to resuggest having the ability to lock colors to certain icons. So for instance, I could make the monster icon always appear red on my maps no matter what color I have currently selected as the default.
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Post Oct 08, 2018 22:49
Thanks for reminding me, I'll also try and add a per-marker memory of some kind as well.