It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Dec 06, 2018 20:07
sometimes when making a map, i will switch scales for some section. Lets assume I am making a dungeon in 10'x10' scale. But i have a secret passage or a servants corridor that i want to have running out of the room. Right now i can do a 5' wide corridor using the half-split (or middle) wall item. This works for some cases but has the following limitations:

1) - the hallways are always left or right justified - if that makes sense. There is no way for me to create a 5' wide hallway that intersects in the MIDDLE of a 10' tile/wall.

2) - there is no way to cap these hallways with anything but a solid wall. It would be great to have the same wall options available for these smaller sections.

Perhaps there is a way to accomplish this in a different layer? Open to ways to try to do this with the current tool of course.