It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Dec 12, 2018 22:26
Hi, I just bought Grid Cartographer and am right now mapping my way through Waxworks. Awesome tool!

I'll try to describe how I use the tool and follow up with my request...

When I work on a map, I have the tools that I use most:
- White ground with walls for explored areas
- Grey ground with walls for areas I have seen but not stepped on (I do these because I step on a tile and see that I can go in several directions, choose one but want to indicate there are other paths without removing walls because I am lazy)
- Notes
- And several types of markers, all of which are black to make them stand out from the white ground

I switch between the game window and the mapping window using the mouse. So I step a bit, add some white ground, one or two grey tiles and maybe a few markers. Every time I need to change colors from white to grey to black and back.

What I'd like to have is some free floating small window with some kind of customizable toolbox where I can add the tiles I use the most (white ground, grey ground, black markers) so that I don't have to change colors and don't have to search for the things in the tabs. Like the toolboxes in Office perhaps (although I don't know if they are fully customizable).

The toolbox could be free floating or snappable to somewhere, and there could be a hotkey to show/hide the toolbox.
I personally wouldn't limit the amount of tiles in the toolbox.

Could something like this be done?
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Post Dec 21, 2018 16:48
Hi Dan, sorry for the slow reply I've been away. That's a great idea and in future I would like to improve the flexibility of the UI to allow for custom panels of icons, etc. I think a lot of people use a small subset of the icons as a 'palette' to draw with and so providing the means to assemble those on the fly would be very handy!
Post Dec 22, 2018 17:08
Maybe as an intermediate solution you could "decouple" the selected color of any tab.

What I mean is you create a checkbox option with which you let the user decide whether the selected color should be remembered across the tabs (Edge, Marker, Terrain, Custom) or whether the color should be separately remembered for each of those tabs. I hope I am clear enough :ohdear:

This way I could select black for marker and then only have to alternate between white and grey for Terrain.