It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Mar 09, 2019 13:49
Hopefully this is a minor UI tweak but in the bottom right corner of the UI you have toggles for "Marker Layer" and "Terrain Layer". (on a side note at first I thought clicking those "bars" would expand them into a pallet of some sort... the UI looks similar to the folder pane in Microsoft Outlook where you switch to Calendar and To-Do list and such)

It turns out to be really handy for me to have them there like that (and I love how the Terrain one has two levels) but maybe you can add a second column to easily toggle "Edges" (is that even possible?) and "Grid Lines". The "Grid Lines" one could be two level like "Terrain Layer" where the first time you click it it toggles major grid lines and the second minor.

The grid one wouldn't do anything different from going to Setup in the top right > Grid on the left > and then checking and unchecking the "Show Major Grid Lines" and "Show Minor Grid Lines" boxes but you'd be able to do it all from the map screen.

I don't know if there's an existing option to toggle edges, if there is I haven't found it yet. (still new, bear with me) But it does seem odd that when you look up just below the palette you have "Edge", "Marker", and "Terrain" (plus custom) then at the bottom of that column you have visibility toggles for two of the three.

Anyway I know it probably feels like I'm complaining at lot but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this program. Thank you so much!
Post Mar 09, 2019 17:21
Along the same lines...
On the bottom left where you select the floor you want...
Right now clicking on the floor you're already on does nothing, which makes sense but...
What if clicking on the floor you're already on toggled onion mode for that floor?

Just a thought.
Site Admin
Post Mar 13, 2019 18:14
That layer panel has been in the UI for a long time and it's bothered me for a while that it takes up a lot of space for something that does very little (and is confusing when it does come into play). If I were to add an Edges line and then a Shapes line or something (from the future plans list) it would become way too big.

I'm not sure what the future holds for it but I do plan to address this part of the UI at some point. Right now a lot of what you're asking here is implemented in the Show menu of the editor.

(and thanks, glad you're enjoying GC!)
Post Mar 14, 2019 14:06
Indeed what I was looking for IS in the Show menu. I hadn't found the Show menu when I posted that. So that part of the toolbar is essentially the toolbar for some show menu items. I actually like that there is an easy to click toolbar button for the visibility toggles it just seems odd that to only two of the show menu items are on it.
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Post Mar 14, 2019 16:04
The UI for GC is definitely an evolutionary process. There's a small reason for keeping those two layer buttons on there (selecting custom tile layer) but it's not obvious and actually reinforces confusing behaviour in the program.

In short, there's usually some weirdness in any UI and I'm working to remove it, providing I can think of a more elegant solution.