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Post Mar 10, 2019 01:41
I'm using the "PARCHMENT" theme (which is beautiful BTW) which is PERFECT for my GROUND floor.
When I create Floor 1 is it possible to make it transparent instead of another layer of "parchment"?

For example: I'm doing the map of a town. I have the outdoors with trees etc. and the "ground" floor has the inside of all the buildings ground floor (each building assigned a region). I move up to "floor 1" and I draw the upstairs of all the buildings but the "outside" I still want to see the ground floor. Then I make a "Floor 2" that has all the roofs drawn. Ideally even go down a floor below "Ground" to make a basement and in that case instead of transparent or parchment I'd want the default canvas to be either black or even a dirt texture that I draw my basements one.

Another example: I'm doing a hex map. I could draw all the geography on the G floor. Including markers for things like mountains and swamps and forests. Then I could go to floor 1 and I have it transparent and then draw my cities as markers on floor 1 instead of the Ground. I can still see the geography from G floor because the Floor 1 background is transparent. and now I can "toggle" my cities by going back and forth between the ground floor and floor 1 without making my trees and mountains go away.

If it's possible to have Terrain with transparency I could even conceivably make road terrain tiles (if I could figure out how to get the diagonals to line up on hexes) with the city markers on top of them all on a transparent background floor 1. Or even make road markers on floor 1 and the cities on floor 2 both which have transparent backgrounds to the G floor with the geography. It wouldn't be as nice as being able to draw roads as lines through hexes but it would be workable (assuming the diagonals thing could be worked out).
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Post Mar 13, 2019 18:50
I think I understand what you're asking here and an onion skin mode: 'draw the floor below, completely unchanged' option would let you do this?
Post Mar 14, 2019 14:15
I'm not the original suggester of onionskin mode nor have I ever used a similar mode in a different program so I don't know how it NORMALLY works or was intended to work by it's original suggester.

That said for MY purposes if toggeling Onionskin means the theme (in my case "PARCHMENT") background for the layer goes away and is instead transparent then that would work for me. So if I have the "G" layer set to normal (onionskin off) with the geography or ground floor.

Just to be clear though if you have 5 floors (G, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5) and you're on F5 and F1-F5 are set to onionskin (transparent background) you can see through them all to the map from G in cells where there is nothing on the higher floors.
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Post Mar 23, 2019 22:32
Sorry for the late reply. Onion skin is a term I've learned from 3D animation where the tool shows transparent ghosted images of frames before and after the position of a moving object. In Grid Cartographer it's done in a similar way but it works better from one direction only (above or below).

In future I think I may take the floor selector + layers + onion skin feature and give them a big ol' shakeup and mix together into a single larger 'outliner' panel. This will help with new object based features such as text, images and shapes.