It doesn't hurt to ask!
Post Mar 10, 2019 01:44
The onionskin thing is very neat (I've never seen that feature before) but my "Terrain" blocks are all just solids of different colors. Onionskin seems to monochrome and then fades the lower level and that works great for markers because they tend to be different shapes but for terrain it makes them all look exactly the same and I can't see where the color changes are. Would it be possible to have an option so that the faded terrain from the lower level retains the color and thus looks similar in Onionskin as it does if your on the lower level and you click the "Terrain Layer" toggle in the bottom right once (semi-transparent but retaining color).
Site Admin
Post Mar 13, 2019 17:57
Thanks for reporting this, the terrain on the other layers are supposed to be silhouettes, but it doesn't sound like that's ideal for your use case.

For the next version I'll be working on the onion skin feature a bit more. I think all I'll need to add is a checkbox to optionally disable the faded appearance and make it draw the other floors/planes as-is. That should be enough, right?

(I suppose this basically makes it a layer system like Photoshop, so I may do more to capitalise on that too.)
Post Mar 14, 2019 14:02
Yes I think that will do it.