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Post Sep 07, 2015 19:40

I have a samsung tablet with 2560x1440 or so screen resolution. Back in gc2 there was an option for high res displays which seems to have dropped out or been placed somewhere I cannot find it..

On my screen everything is so small that gc3 is virtually useless.

Apologies if it is just me being blind and not seeing the option..
Site Admin
Post Sep 08, 2015 07:38
Hi badsequel, you're not missing anything, that option was removed during v3 development and has yet to return.

I will restore it as part of a future update as I appreciate you might need quite small fingers at the moment.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Post Sep 08, 2015 19:21
Thank you for the reply. I look forward to the return of that functionality. Keep up the good work.
Site Admin
Post Sep 09, 2015 07:16
Hi, I've reintroduced the "high density pixel display" option back into v3.

You can try it now in this beta. Please let me know if you have troubles with it.

If the auto detected default is incorrect use Options > Interface > "High Pixel Density Display" to toggle.
Post Sep 10, 2015 19:06
It works!

Thanks a bunch :)