Thanks for reporting problems here.
Post Oct 01, 2016 02:13
Still haven't been able to get things working. Sent you an email with the results I collected; if it's not illuminating I'll try doing a full reinstall, just in case there was some cruft leftover.
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Post Oct 01, 2016 07:27
MrPopo wrote:Still haven't been able to get things working. Sent you an email with the results I collected; if it's not illuminating I'll try doing a full reinstall, just in case there was some cruft leftover.
I don't think a re-install is necessary, there's a legit problem with GC4 when trying to run non-GOG versions of games.

The reason some games work a little bit but don't track vs. games that don't work at all is that my custom dosbox takes the bytes of the executable as it loads in and generates a CRC value from it. Grid Cartographer is then told what game you're playing by that CRC - this is unique to each game but will also change if there's different revisions of the same game - so you'll see things like the non-GOG versions of some games not working at all because to GC4 they're some game its never heard of. Sorry for not testing this more - I wasn't aware of there being so many non-GOG versions until this thread appeared, only Eye of the Beholder.

Loadfix does something to the memory the game can use after its started running. This causes the situation where a game is recognised (since the EXE is the same and generates the same CRC), but it's not putting things where I expect them to be so the tracking is pulling in garbage data. In your case MrPopo it reads in 00 00 00 01 all the time - because it's looking in the wrong place.

Both of these situations can be fixed - if the game is failing to identify, I will need the EXE somehow to get this CRC. MikeSol has helpfully sent me these other versions for me to analyse. I will need to include those new CRC values on the GC4 side and add in a new set of addresses for me to ask for wrt the non-GOG version. This way GC4 will support multiple revisions of the same game.

I also plan to look into whether there's a generic solution for handling Loadfix - that would be great, but I'll need to do more work. Those games that are recognised but don't work due to loadfix - I already have the EXE for them but I need to test with and without this option enabled to create new profiles. I may also have to update dosbox so it communicates to GC4 that loadfix is being used so that it can react accordingly.

I have a prior commitment this weekend so there may be a short delay - but rest assured I will get to the bottom of it.
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I know this is bad news for you but I am glad that you are seeing what I am. I was concerned that you wouldn't and everything was going to work for you. But you are seeing the same two problems I am. Non-GOG games (at least some of them) are not being recognized at all. The other problem is LOADFIX messing with the avatar display.

MrPopo, I don't understand why MM 2 is not working for you. I just tried it again. The GOG version of this game works perfectly in Game Link. Avatar and all. It is the non GOG version that has issues.
Post Oct 01, 2016 14:38
Well, I tried reinstalling and that did actually get it to work. The fact that there's some subtly different versions of the game (where a recompile might change where the memory offsets end up being) made me suspect that a reinstall would fix.

My installation of Might & Magic 1-6 was from the very original GOG release; I installed it once, then when Galaxy came out I pointed it at that folder and it recognized things. But I wouldn't be shocked to find that there's something subtly different between the files in the release I had and the files you get when you install it today. Unfortunately I didn't think to save the entire directory before uninstalling so I can't compare.
Post Oct 01, 2016 16:30
Yes, that would explain it. I just downloaded MM1 and MM2 from my GOG account yesterday or the day before to test with GC 4.
Post Oct 01, 2016 20:31
Both Eye of the Beholder and Pool of Radiance non-GOG versions work perfectly with Game Link unless LOADFIX is loaded in which case the avatar fails to function properly.
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Post Oct 03, 2016 15:25
So first attempt to crack this on my end is with M&M2.

* btw. The version MikeSol sent me is identical to the one I'm already using. I'm not sure there's multiple versions of MM2 right now .. because:

* Starting it with:

Code: Select all

loadfix -4
- Is recognised by GC4 as MM2.
- Doesn't receive the correct data for tracking (assumption: data is somewhere else)

* versus:

Code: Select all

loadfix -4 mm2.exe
- Works!
- This is the way the 'setup_mm2_2.1.0.42.exe' installer is configured

Both ways should operate identically, I guess, so I'll have to look into what the subtle difference is. For now to make M&M2 work use the single line version.
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Post Oct 03, 2016 18:38
Okay, I've spent some more dev time on this.

The bad news however is that I've not been able to create a system that can reliably handle the different ways you can change the environment before you start a game in DOSBox. There's always going to be ways you can break tracking and it's not practical for me to be able to handle all possible configs.

In short - if you want to play Might and Magic 2 you need to run it with "loadfix -4 mm2.exe" or game link tracking will not work. This doesn't seem like a particularly severe demand (once you know about it) and for most users who have this game via it will just work. As far as I see it, that's something that can be applied to non-GOG versions of games too.

Sorry I've not been able to come up with a robust 'perfect' solution. I'll also make note to capture this requirement in the documentation as I look to working on that soon.


I've also found and fixed a bug in the game link transmission code in DOSBox that was failing to update tracking if the display hadn't changed. This can happen for example in darkness areas of M&M2. I'll post an updated dosbox that fixes that at some point, possibly with the next update as it may be prudent to wait for what other Game Link issues are reported / discovered.
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Post Oct 03, 2016 18:46
MikeSol wrote:Might & Magic 1 - My non-gog version does not work with gamelink at all. The icon in gamelink shows a red question mark. It never changes to an exclamation point. If I hover my cursor over it, it says 'unknown game' But the GOG version of the same game works just fine. Avatar and all.
I will look at this game next. From your description this sounds like it's due to an actually different EXE and so I think it's something I can detect reliably.
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Post Oct 03, 2016 21:24
The next release will support your alternate "Might and Magic" (1) and "Wizardry" (1) versions. Thanks for providing them!


So I think that all the issues with the mentioned games have been addressed now?

In conclusion:

1. "Might and Magic" (1). Use the version for now, the non-GOG version will work with v4.0.2 and up
2. "Might and Magic II" - make sure to start it with the command "loadfix -4 mm2.exe" on one line
3. "Wizardry" (1). Wait for v4.0.2 or find an alternate version.
4. All other games: Don't use LoadFix or auto-tracking won't work.