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Post Sep 30, 2016 04:54
Given that exception code c000001d is an extremely generic exception that can arise from any sort of weird memory leakage I'm not surprised that forcing a flush of things cleared it out.
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Post Sep 30, 2016 11:30
Hi MikeSol. Thanks for trying all the things you did. I'm glad it was something you've been able to fix through trial and error on your end because I was really stumped by this one! I hope it doesn't bother you again :)
MikeSol wrote:Just one question, what does that other EXE you gave me to try actually take away? What is non-functioning in that version? Game link?
Well, like I said it was a bit of a dead-end but it was basically just v4.0.0 with the video/input streaming stuff taken out - everything I added to make Game Link "2.0" explicitly removed from the EXE (rather than switched off by an option). I was trying to see if I could discover where the problem lay and since you said v3 ran alright I assumed it was some of the new code that was causing trouble - Since the new game link stuff is the most 'exotic' code I added to v4 it seemed like a good place to start.