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Post Nov 19, 2017 13:05
I just started using Grid Cartographer, and I'm quite happy with it so far, but I have found a bug. I'm using Linux (X11 on Debian testing), and instead of the us QWERTY keymap, I use the dvorak keymap with the ctrl:nocaps option. Under this configuration, Grid Cartographer appears to inconsistently use X-mapped input for some keys and the raw keycodes (I'm guessing) for others. In particular:
  • My physical "CapsLock" key is mapped to CTRL by the ctrl:nocaps option, but seems to have no effect in GC.
  • Keys which produce symbols under QWERTY but letters under Dvorak are given their QWERTY meaning in some contexts. I've noticed at least:
    • When pressed with CTRL in the main editing UI. E.g., pressing Dvorak S is handled as S, but pressing Dvorak CTRL-S is handled as CTRL-;
    • In the Options > Input > Key mapping screen when setting a hotkey. E.g., pressing Dvorak S is handled as ;

[Edited to remove <code> blocks -- I should have previewed first to see how they rendered!]