Thanks for reporting problems here.
Post Oct 23, 2018 00:44
Bug 1:

After opening up the application (with no existing map), if you go to Avatar and click on Collision Enabled, it crashes. Error: Unknown MHASH 0x261a83e3. Block Stack: Not available in Release Builds or from threads. message Origin: gridc\source\common\ceditordispatch.cpp (84). Show marker is checked, Leave footprints is checked, Auto-remove fog is checked.

Bug 2:

If I change the default line color for a map and exit out of the program and go back in and open the map, the color I have chosen is switched back to the default color. It looks like it is not saving the line color used for map. I changed the one I been using for my eye of the beholder from the default template of a grey color to black since it shows up better on the stream.

All in all I enjoy the program and works great as both of these are just very minor bugs to me :)
Site Admin
Post Oct 23, 2018 12:52
Hi hercxena, thanks for taking the time to report these bugs. I've fixed them both for the next update. :tiphat: