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Post Nov 01, 2018 19:23

Previously there was an issue with faces in the exported mesh being misaligned where I was forced to flip faces in Blender so that they actually show up in Unity - that I can deal with somehow even if it's not ideal. I cannot tell you how to accurately reproduce it other than it just happened all the time, no matter if a new plan was started or if I would work on an existing one.

Right now after the update, the export does not work at all. Tried with 3 different maps, first option, exported for Unity. Grid Cartographer just stops working outright.

Help? :psyduck:

edit: I am using the Steam version, PC
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Post Nov 01, 2018 21:01
Hi snowdrake, sorry you're having problems with the mesh export. I can confirm that it does crash when exporting a mesh for me too - not sure why that is but I'll put together a patch when I've figured it out.

In terms of the face flipping - there's an option 'Double Sided Edge Polygons' which will generate duplicate reversed geometry for the 'other' side of an edge. Is this what you need?
Post Nov 01, 2018 21:22
Thanks for the quick reply, we are already using the Double Sided Edge Polygon option but that did actually not work. Still only one face and invisible from the other due to backside culling. (previous version)
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Post Nov 01, 2018 21:30
I've fixed the crash bug - there should be a patch showing in Steam in an hour or so. Just putting together new builds for the 6 affected platforms.

I'll look into why the double polygons aren't working in a future patch. I plan to add an option for a uniform wall thickness to be applied which should solve this problem properly.
Post Nov 01, 2018 21:46
Sounds great!