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Post Oct 08, 2013 16:03

Great software, just what I have been searching for. I purchased pro version, but after that I realized something.

I am Linux user, so first I did try to use software on my Windows XP kvm/qemu virtual machine - but the Cartographer does not start, it just crashes.

Then, I tried it under wine. Application seems to work, but it uses really lots of CPU... I tried to run it under 32-bit Centos virtual machine with wine, but there too it was using lots of cpu. It also seems to cause problems with my video driver (intel hd graphics 3000 on Core i7 Sandy bridge)...

Should the Grid Cartographer run under Windows XP? Or even better, is there anything what can be done for high cpu load under wine? Currently I don't have license for Windows 7 so I cannot test there.

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Post Oct 09, 2013 17:15
Hi Mike,

Firstly, thanks for the support.

Grid Cartographer should work perfectly well under native Windows XP. I actually fixed an XP specific bug in v1.4.1 using an old Intel 945GM based laptop so it definitely worked then. Your crashing is likely an issue with running in a virtual machine, possibly related to the fact that I'm using DirectX9 for rendering, I can't say for sure. If you continue to have a problem running in XP directly then please let me know.

Running under emulation or wine isn't officially supported and I've not tried it. High CPU usage isn't something I can really comment on or offer a fix for.

I am however developing a native Linux port at the moment which is slowly starting to take shape (this is my first Linux project). I also plan to extend the license for copies of the PC version to cover Linux as well so you will be able to run Pro version properly once I've finished.

Post Oct 09, 2013 17:44
OK, I will test with my WinXP virtual machine. It is really ancient installation and there may be all kinds of cruft there which may cause that... And maybe I will finally bite the bullet and install Win7 vm.

The wine stuff is little bit strange, usually wine works pretty well on my setup, I have even played lots of games using it (Torchlight II, Lord of the Rings online, Dragon Age origins works but my machine is little bit too weak for that) so my machine should be powerful enough for that. It might be display driver problem because it seems to hung up sometimes when using Grid Cartographer (I got error message on log about intel driver hanging)

Linux port sounds excellent, if you need any help testing or anything, I can probably do something?
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Post Oct 09, 2013 17:59
Thanks, testing will be really helpful.

I'm probably going to do a public beta since there are so many distros and packages it's quite likely I'll need to sort out a few things before I can do an 'official' release. I'll post more about it nearer the time.
Post Oct 11, 2013 12:06
Tested on Win7 KVM virtual machine - and I got error message "Cannot determine graphics capabilities".

Does this mean that it requires 3d acceleration to work?
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Post Oct 12, 2013 07:29
Yes, support for at least Shader Model 2.0 is required to run Grid Cartographer.
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Post Feb 16, 2014 01:43
I've noticed that on windows XP, gridcart.exe uses cpu constantly even when completely idle. This usage spikes when the program is minimized or another program is maximized.
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Post Feb 16, 2014 11:47
Gmancer wrote:I've noticed that on windows XP, gridcart.exe uses cpu constantly even when completely idle. This usage spikes when the program is minimized or another program is maximized.
Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll see what I can do about it, although it shouldn't really be an XP specific thing. Have you tried forcing v.sync on, does that change anything? seemed to be what was causing problems on Linux.
Post Jun 05, 2015 05:45
I believe the high cpu problem is generic.

I think the application is recompositing the screen extremely often, even when there is no change to the UI and no input. I'm not sure if it's doing so ~60 times a second or much much more rapidly (I would assume more rapidly, since it's using 3 cores on os x).

Incidentally, I'm not sure where this v.sync option exists.
Post Jun 20, 2015 02:31
More on the high CPU.

If Grid Cartographer is on the screen on OS X 10.8, when the user is ignoring it, it seems to use around 15-20% cpu, or less than one core. Still a lot of CPU for a program that's being ignored, but that seems another discussion.

As soon as the we change to another desktop/workspace, or minimize grid cartographer, however, it shoots up to 75-80% cpu, or more than 3 cores.

I suspect there's some logic here to detect the "current screen rate" which becomes undefined when it's not on screen.

How about letting the user cap the render rate? 30 would be fine for me.