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Post Aug 17, 2018 16:40
Here is a download for an in-development memory analyser tool for LibRetro and DOSBox Gridc.
Note: This tool requires the Pro or Steam editions of the software on Windows, at least version 4.3.2

1. Download Here (right-click save-as) -- v2.00
2. Drag the file "MEMSCAN.GCX" onto the application window
3. OK the on-screen prompt (or choose another file name)
4. Open the Grid Cartographer console window/viewport
5. Enter MEMSCAN at the command prompt

When LibRetro or DOSBox Gridc is active, and if the current core supports it (most do), the contents of the system work ram will be displayed in real-time in a scrolling window. Use the HOME/END and PAGE UP/DOWN keys to navigate around the memory.
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Post Aug 18, 2018 16:52
Updated to version 0.01. Use the link in the first post.

This version requires v4.1.2 beta 3 or later.
Added a "Content Hash" menu option to assist with creating profiles.
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Post Aug 22, 2018 14:15
Updated to version 0.3 - it's a lot more like the dosbox memscan tool now.
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Post Aug 22, 2018 23:02
v0.4 update.

* Handle very small memories (e.g. Atari 2600 has 128 bytes of RAM).
* Improvements for handling large RAM cores (e.g. PSX).
* Slower operations are now indicated on the status bar.
* Display option to collapse untagged rows, to reduce scrolling.
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Post Aug 23, 2018 17:12
Updated to fix compatibility with beta 6.
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Post Aug 29, 2018 21:47
Updated for Beta 9.

* Search > Goto Address
* Filter for specific value
* Bug fixes and progress cues for 32-bit consoles with big RAMs
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Post Aug 30, 2018 21:31
Uploaded a quick fix for a crash bug in File > Content Hash, whoops!
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Post Sep 06, 2018 15:22
New version is now available. It takes advantage of new acceleration features which should help speed up working with larger memory devices.

Also adds byte grouping and endian options in the Display menu. The filter system uses these settings too!
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Post Mar 02, 2019 12:21
Upload v1.01 which has a fix in it to detect cores that change the amount of memory available (e.g. CAP32)
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Post Mar 13, 2019 14:50

This new software has an identical UI but internally works with a new API that allows it to work with both LibRetro and DOSBox Gridc. This means you can now scan for memory addresses for DOS profiles from within GC Pro/Steam editions.

NOTE: v4.3.2 of Grid Cartographer is required for this and will probably have been released by the time you read this post!

Follow the instructions in the first post.
To remove LRMEM, open the console and type at the prompt:

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