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Post Oct 07, 2017 16:39
It's taken a long to time but v4.0.7 is now available. It's a free update for all v4.x customers and has the following major changes:

* New resizable split view-port system.
* Improved console display with colour support. [PRO]
* Updated Game Link protocol - DOSBox R15 required.
* Many fixes and tweaks.

Also: I'm calling this the Steam release candidate. If you find any bugs then it would be awesome if you could report them. It will help make sure the Steam launch goes well and makes a good first impression.



Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

* NOTE: Please update to the latest Custom DOSBox 'R15' to continue using Game Link.

Pro Edition

* ADDED: New script class GCTileSet which gives access to custom tile info (see script manual).
* ADDED: New value method 'ToHexStr' for bool, int and float values - converts a value into a hexadecimal string.
* ADDED: Console support for EGA, CGA and Hercules style display modes. See the new Options > Console menu.
* ADDED: New console commands "ADAPTER", "COLOR" and "MODE" help control the new console features.
* ADDED: A scroll bar to the console popup.
* CHANGED: 'GCConsole.CursorSize' API function now takes a start and end offset for tall cursors. (Formerly GCConsole.SetCursorHeight)
* FIXED: Hide any grouped mono/tinted custom tiles when editing a tile map region.
* FIXED: Some potential crashes when importing/exporting files using the script API.
* FIXED: Console scrolling will now be reset when typing into the command prompt.
* FIXED: Don't show 'ignore colors' option for wand tool opts. in tile map regions.
* FIXED: Console line editor would glitch when pressing up/down/F3 while cursor wasn't at end of line.

All Editions

* ADDED: Game Link 2.1 protocol. Adds new interface for message passing to/from guest system. DOSBox update required!
* ADDED: Multiple viewports. Change viewport type with the [v] icon in top-right of viewport.
* ADDED: Change the viewport layout with the new icon on the left-hand 'nav toolbar'.
* ADDED: Rename command for custom tiles. The name is exported to XML and accessible from script.
* ADDED: Support for custom tiles in PNG, PSD and TGA formats. Some PSD/TGA image modes may fail to load, please report them!
* ADDED: New custom tile toolbar with handy add, group and delete buttons. Use right-click menu for extended options.
* ADDED: Custom tile tooltip now shows the index of the tile (useful for scripting).
* ADDED: Tooltip display on region bar context menu.
* ADDED: Extended range of aspect ratio options available to force specific display sizes. Find these options in the Game Link 'View' menu.
* ADDED: Avatar menu for the map editor viewport.
* ADDED: Ability to remap the full screen mode control (from ALT+ENTER)
* ADDED: Master grid enable switch. (See Setup > Grid or View > Grid > Enable, or press 'G').
* CHANGED: Split Brush tab into Marker and Terrain tabs.
* CHANGED: If no custom tiles are loaded then help text is shown.
* CHANGED: If no color or mono tiles are present, the corresponding group heading is hidden as well.
* CHANGED: Adding custom tiles now uses one unified button and asks you what colour mode to use after selecting files. Note tile map regions only support Direct Color tiles.
* CHANGED: Tweaked marquee selection colour in the plain grey theme and added drop-shadows on all themes.
* CHANGED: Renamed custom tile export to 'Export Image' to make it clear it's going to try to save a picture file.
* CHANGED: Tweaked appearance of right-click menus.
* CHANGED: Default note/label newline behaviour is now: enter = accept; ctrl+enter = newline
* CHANGED: Disable region menu bar options for hide and delete, if these actions will fail.
* CHANGED: Removed Game Link > Click to Unlock option (no longer required).
* CHANGED: Removed Game Link > Force Lock option (always allow mouse locking).
* CHANGED: Moved functionality from 'View' ribbon tab into editor viewport menus.
* CHANGED: Moved Zoom In/Out commands buttons from navigation toolbar to the editor view menu.
* CHANGED: Game Link > "Keep Avatar Marker Centered" option replaced by viewport menu View > "Follow Avatar".
* CHANGED: Removed view settings from Options > Game Link, find them (enhanced) in the new Game Link 'View' menu.
* CHANGED: Remove the avatar move tool from the nav toolbar. Use the option in the new Avatar menu to active this tool.
* CHANGED: Collision of the avatar against walls is now enabled by default. Use the Avatar menu to disable it.
* CHANGED: Remove edge details at far away zoom levels.
* CHANGED: Greater zoom distance.
* FIXED: Tool-tips for color custom tiles were different from other modes and types.
* FIXED: Clicking tiles in a group would add duplicates to the recent tiles list.
* FIXED: Issues when multiple custom tiles are selected and right clicking on an older one (affected Swap Layer, Replace and Export Tile)
* FIXED: Stop residual camera momentum when centering the floor in view.
* FIXED: Optimised adding new floors on large maps.
* FIXED: Improved mouse click performance in Game Link. Double clicking should be more reliable.
* FIXED: File menu new Game Link map now uses short name, so games like Wizardry fit correctly.
* FIXED: Custom tiles in disabled state now appear more consistently with the stock brushes.
* FIXED: Optimised rendering performance of limited area square grid with 'allow drawing outside' disabled.


* ADDED: Replacement window minimize and close buttons when running in full-screen mode.
* FIXED: Message boxes auto-closing when resizing the application window.
* FIXED: Don't constrain mouse cursor to window in full-screen '-fs' mode.
Post Oct 08, 2017 11:50
Tested new version under Fedora 27 beta. Works well, CPU usage seems considerably lower than with older releases, good work.

New adjustable viewport system is really nice. It would be perfect if one could open plain text editor there for miscellaneous notes. Would that be possible to implement?
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Post Oct 08, 2017 15:38
GoingDown wrote:
Oct 08, 2017 11:50
Tested new version under Fedora 27 beta. Works well, CPU usage seems considerably lower than with older releases, good work.

New adjustable viewport system is really nice. It would be perfect if one could open plain text editor there for miscellaneous notes. Would that be possible to implement?
Thanks, I'm pleased it's running well under Linux.

A notepad-like "journal" is something I've wanted to add for a while now and it'll definitely fit in nicely as a new viewport type. Quite a lot of work to add though since it'd essentially be a whole new product, but a fun challenge none-the-less!