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Post Jun 26, 2019 19:14
v4.3.7 is now available!

Highlights for this update:

* Tile Set optimiser (pro/steam)
* Bug fixes and usability improvements.



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Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Windows users with DirectInput controllers, you may need to rebind your devices following this update. Click the "Game Link" tab, choose the Input page, for each controller with UNKNOWN next to it, click the SETUP button to begin the binding process.

All Editions

* CHANGED: Remove 'beta' status from Ishar 2 profile.
* ADDED: Clear button to the brush palette filter bar in the side panel.
* CHANGED: Raised custom tile limits to 8192 (from 8000) for both direct colour and mono/tintable banks.
* CHANGED: Raised maximum cropping to 256 px for spacing and initial margin, when importing a tile set.
* FIXED: When importing tile sets, incorrectly not reporting a zero tile count when margin is larger than the image.
* FIXED: Possible to prevent importing a tile as a single image based on (irrelevant) tile set parameters.
* FIXED: Possible crash when closing the application during the loading screen.
* ADDED: Ability to delete individual tiles from a tile set. This is a one-way action and will prevent future updating from a source image.
* CHANGED: Return focus to previous viewport after disengaging Game Link mouse lock.
* CHANGED: Increased maximum zoom on image import preview to 800% (from 400%).
* ADDED: Mouse position display on image import preview, to help with measuring spacings, margins and overall tile sizes.
* FIXED: Ability to assign the default auto-wall colour.
* ADDED: Error messaging for attempts to import invalid single tile images.

Gamer Edition

* FIXED: Error messages when importing custom tiles.

Pro Edition

* ADDED: 'Create Tile Map' option when importing an image. Generates a new tile map region from imported tiles.
* ADDED: 'Remove Duplicates' option when importing an image to optimise away redundent tiles.
* ADDED: Video > "Import Screen" option for Game Link. Takes a screen capture and extracts a tile set from it.
* ADDED: API: "GCMap" - API for accessing information about the map - just the document name at the moment.
* FIXED: Grid not being drawn on top of tile map regions.


* ADDED: Jump-list of headings in the Game Link browser.
* ADDED: Interface scaling slider for high DPI displays.
* CHANGED: Modified the way DirectInput controllers are detected to use USB VID/PID values for differentiation.
* ADDED: Built-in support for 8bitdo 'M30', 'SFC30' and 'SF30 Pro' controllers in both wired and Bluetooth modes.
* CHANGED: Modified the input passed to 'Snes9x' to combine both L1/L2 and R1/R2 as shoulder buttons.
* FIXED: 6-button controllers no longer pass Z or C as shoulder button inputs to Snes9x and mGBA.
* FIXED: Possible application crash when stopping an emulator (found on mGBA).
* ADDED: Application window minimize button to the Game Link browser window.
* FIXED: Missing graphics in image import and colour picker dialogs during Windows screen-saver / sleep mode.