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Post Jul 20, 2019 09:59
v4.3.8 is now available!

Highlights for this update:

* Wizardry V(SNES) auto-tracking [windows]
* Import Donjon generated dungeon maps [pro/steam]
* Old school 'White on Blue' map theme
* 17 built-in fonts (open license) [pro/steam]




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Complete Change Log:

All Editions

* ADDED: "Wizardry V - Heart of the Maelstrom"(SNES) auto-tracking profile. Thanks Grauken!
* ADDED: "White on Blue" map theme. Apply with 'Setup > Theme & Fog' menu.
* ADDED: Video > "Save Screenshot" option to store the current Game Link display to disk.
* FIXED: Moved more hard-coded strings into XML for on-going localisation prep.
* CHANGED: Don't show note marks or rollovers when a tile has fog on it.
* CHANGED: Clearer messaging that the custom tile size limits are on a per-map basis.
* ADDED: Two new video frames for Game Link: "Entertainment" and "Family".
* FIXED: The simple block tile no longer drawing auto-walls if enabled by the classic terrain tool option.
* CHANGED: Internal rewrite of floor bounds calculation.
* CHANGED: When exiting the program with unsaved changes, the dialog box has explicit "Save" / "Don't Save" options.
* CHANGED: Raised maximum note length from 500 to 4000 characters.
* CHANGED: The flip H key (default 'x') will toggle between east and west top-down stairs.
* CHANGED: The flip V key (default 'y') will toggle between north and south top-down stairs.
* CHANGED: The flip H/V keys will now toggle the terrain half-blocks horizontally or vertically.
* CHANGED: Moved the treasure chest markers into the 'Treasure / Gems' category in the brush panel.
* ADDED: Coffin marker in the Furniture category.
* CHANGED: Edit > Stroke will use the current edge style if you select Draw Edge mode first, otherwise a wall as normal.
* FIXED: Custom tile highlight outline not working on tile sets.
* FIXED: Merging a map that uses tilesets no longer has missing custom tiles in brush panel.

Pro/Steam Edition

* ADDED: Import "Donjon" dungeon maps in TSV format. See the File > Import sub-menu.
* ADDED: Import "Donjon" dungeon notes in HTML format. Works with D&D5e, Pathfinder and other generators on the site.
* ADDED: 17 built-in fonts.
* CHANGED: Added divider between built-in fonts and system fonts on the family drop-down.
* ADDED: API: 'GCRegion.Create'. Scripts can add new regions to the map. See for more details.
* ADDED: API: 'GCTile.Set'. Edit tiles via script!
* ADDED: API: 'GCRegion.SetName'. Set the name of the active region.
* ADDED: API: 'GCRegion.Theme'. Get the id of the theme of the active region.
* ADDED: API: 'GCRegion.SetTheme'. Set the theme of the active region.
* ADDED: API: 'GCBuffer.FindStr'. Search a buffer for a specific string of ASCII characters.
* ADDED: API: 'GCBuffer.ReadChars'. Reads a specific number of characters of text from a buffer.
* ADDED: API: 'GCBuffer.ReadLine'. Reads a line of text from a buffer.
* ADDED: API: 'GCFloor.Clear'. Wipes a floor clean - either completely, or selectively via flags.
* ADDED: API: 'GCNote.SetAtPos'. Add/replace new notes on a map.
* ADDED: API: 'GCCamera.Center'. Center the viewport!
* ADDED: API: 'GCLabel.CreateAtPos'. Create a new text label on the floor. See for more details.
* ADDED: API: 'GCLabel.Count'. How many labels on the map?
* ADDED: API: 'GCUtil.WordWrap'. Apply newlines to a string to limit the character length of each line.
* ADDED: API: Support for printing bool values directly from `print` and `println` functions.
* ADDED: Base64 API with encode to string and decode to GCBuffer functions.
* FIXED: Don't show the, potentially confusing, region change overlay when exporting via script from the current region.
* CHANGED: Remove script support for System > 'Export Data' full-screen menu page.
* CHANGED: Removed the 'file_export_data' script hook location. Use 'context_region_export' instead.
* CHANGED: API: 'GCTile.Get'. Report custom tiles and in-block edges differently. Removed 'Sub' field from Marker and Terrain sub-tables. See for more details.
* FIXED: Image export: Tighter margins.
* FIXED: Image export: Several hex export bugs, including grid / tile misalignment.
* ADDED: Console popup now loses focus if you roll the mouse wheel or use middle or right click outside of the popup.
* ADDED: Support for H/V flipping of tile maps in 3D mode.
* ADDED: Support for menu hierarchies in import and export sub-menus.
* ADDED: Ability for import/export scripts to add web links to menus, e.g. a link to


* ADDED: Built-in support for 'DUALSHOCK®4' controller in both wired mode and when using the official Bluetooth USB adapter.
* FIXED: Custom tiles and text objects disappearing after Direct3D device loss (caused by sleep mode, power management, running other fullscreen software, etc.)
* FIXED: Add fonts from "%AppData%\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Fonts", placed here when *not* using 'Install for all users'.