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Post Oct 17, 2019 16:15
Beta for v4.4.0
The next release features a major overhaul to the UI and the map file format, so I'm running a beta on Steam to get feedback and check for bug reports in advance of the full release. There are a LOT of bugs right now that I'm working hard on fixing, but why wait when you can BETA!

To get access to the beta, use the code 'betacartographer'. Please be aware that the software may crash or mess up somehow - you should save often and backup and maps from the current release version as maps saved by the beta won't open in the current version due to major changes.

I'd love to hear your feedback and if you find bugs or missing functionality let me know - on Discord would be great as it'll help me diagnose problems easier:
I'm working hard to restore a lot of things which were bent out of shape during the work I've done. It's pretty easy to fire off beta updates via Steam so check back regularly.

Hope you like the new look!
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Post Nov 04, 2019 22:54
I've been posting change logs on the Steam forum here.

I hope you don't mind a link rather than me duplicating this info: ... 909928454/