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Post Nov 26, 2019 16:15
v4.4.0 is now available!

NOTE: Due to the amount of major changes, the Linux and macOS builds have unfortunately been delayed. I will release them when those versions have been updated to support the new features. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Highlights for this massive update:

* Refreshed user interface
* Viewport rulers
* Rewritten map file format
* Pencil terrain tiles (Pro/Steam)
* Group tags for Game Link browser



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Complete Change Log:

* NOTE: Map files created by this version will not open in previous versions of the software.

* NOTE: Due to technical issues, I've shut down the update notification system for the Gamer and Pro editions. In future, please check the website / Twitter / forums / Discord for update announcements. Apologies for the inconvenience.

All Editions

* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Swords and Serpents" (NES) thanks to Discord user snozzedandlost !!
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Shining in the Darkness" (Mega Drive/Genesis) thanks to Grauken !!
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "The Shadows of Sergoth" (Amstrad CPC 6128) thanks to Grauken !!
* CHANGED: Major overhaul of internal map file format. Performance, size and future expansion improvements.
* ADDED: Warning message that maps from before v4 are deprecated and should be resaved with the latest version.
* CHANGED: Combined the nav toolbar and ribbon bar into a new toolbar running vertically along the left of the interface.
* ADDED: New floor navigator, positioned centrally on the toolbar.
* ADDED: A thin button along the top of the side panel to hide it.
* ADDED: A small toolbar on the right hand side to re-open the side panel.
* ADDED: Trying to resize the side panel to be very narrow will automatically crush it off the screen.
* CHANGED: Major overhaul of the side panel. It now dynamically adapts to the active viewport and editing tool and presents only relevant options. NOTE: Some tools have no options and the panel will be empty.
* ADDED: Viewport rulers. Toggle with Show > Rulers from the map editor menu bar.
* ADDED: List view mode for side panel brush palette. Use the icons in the bottom-left of the interface.
* CHANGED: New maps will start with 'axis values' disabled. Enable from Setup tab > Grid menu.
* ADDED: Brush preview for marker and terrain.
* CHANGED: Separated terrain shape and style - can now directly draw textured terrain with a half-block shape.
* CHANGED: Grid Draw sub-modes assigned to keys 1, 2 and 3. Press 'B' for last grid draw tool, and again to cycle thorugh each sub-mode.
* FIXED: Allow Edit > Clear to delete in-block edges / corners when the marker layer is hidden.
* CHANGED: Raised the minimum window height to 600px
* CHANGED: Reduced the height of the colour palette panel.
* CHANGED: Reduced the height of the custom tiles toolbar.
* ADDED: Zoom control for the brush palette. Click the looking-glass button, found in the bottom-right of the UI.
* ADDED: No gaps mode for brush palette icons. Available from the zoom control menu.
* CHANGED: Selecting an edge style with a keyboard shortcut also switches to the EDGE tab in the side panel.
* CHANGED: Removed the custom tile layer overlay option (little M / T icons).
* ADDED: File > Import > Custom Tile(s) menu option on map editor menu bar.
* ADDED: Display the pixel size of a custom tile in the extended tool-tip info.
* CHANGED: Minor speed optimisation when adding new floors or rearranging the ordering.
* FIXED: Text objects in duplicated regions are no longer visually twinned (requiring file reload to fix).
* CHANGED: Renamed classic terrain group "Grid Cartographer"
* ADDED: New terrain group for pen/pencil effect brushes.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the appearance of the basic block in most themes.
* ADDED: 150% zoom level to keyboard shortcut steps.
* ADDED: Tool-tips for the save / undo / redo buttons on the top-left of the UI.
* CHANGED: Removed the 'Save' page from the System ('G') menu, use the File menu in the editor viewports.
* CHANGED: Removed the Eraser tool from the brush overlay.
* ADDED: Error message if attempting to use Cut or Copy on an empty area.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the appearance of the 'G' button in the top-left.
* CHANGED: Moved paste/move tool options into the Tool Opts. panel, to match other tools.
* CHANGED: Moved interface toggles to the bottom-left of the interface. Right-click the toolbar menu to open the menu.
* CHANGED: Cleaned up the Select menu. Removed options now available from the toolbar instead.
* CHANGED: The paint selection tool has been merged with the Mark tool. Press the mark tool shortcut (M) to cycle between them.
* ADDED: System Log viewport type. Read only display of the log file, helpful for debugging Game Link profiles, etc.
* CHANGED: Moved the fullscreen button to the top-right of the interface (Windows).
* CHANGED: Disabled Edit > Fill if terrain or marker grid drawing tool is not selected.
* CHANGED: Selecting a terrain/custom tile in corridor mode, switch to last used brush shape.
* CHANGED: Drawing a block terrain shape over an in-block edge will erase it if it's just a wall, but preserve doors and other styles.
* CHANGED: Removed keyboard shortcuts for terrain shapes and styles.
* CHANGED: Merged 'auto ceiling' drawing option to apply to all built-in terrain.
* CHANGED: Default for new maps is to have the grid lines drawn below the terrain. Change with Setup > Grid > 'Draw Grid Above Terrain'.
* CHANGED: Grouped tile effects options in the Show menu under a sub-menu.
* CHANGED: Moved 'tile effects' brush group to the Terrain draw mode, since they represent fixed environmental states, not objects.
* FIXED: Sanitise filenames to avoid problems such as publishing a region with a ':' in the name.
* ADDED: Floor > Navigate Above/Below menu options.
* ADDED: Tag default theme in the add new region dialog.
* CHANGED: Fullscreen icon changes appearance when in fullscreen mode (Windows only)
* ADDED: Show keyboard shortcuts for icons along the top of the UI (save, undo, redo, etc.)
* ADDED: Pause icon to the Game Link menu bar.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the label placement style of dialog boxes.
* CHANGED: Moved keyboard accessible mode to the Edit menu.
* ADDED: Remove individual recent file list entries from the File menu. Just click the 'X'.

Pro/Steam Edition

* CHANGED: Removed Setup > Floors.
* CHANGED: Viewport menu option for 3D has been renamed.
* CHANGED: SDK: Removed the 'layer' field from GCTileSet.Create
* CHANGED: Command processor: Don't list 'ECHO.' in help list.
* FIXED: Marker position rendering bug on Hex 'H' maps (not present on exports, just viewport render)
* FIXED: Render bugs for some terrain tiles on Hex 'H' maps.
* FIXED: Rendering 'marching ants' selection outline in Hex 'H' maps using top-left origins were slightly misaligned.
* FIXED: Marker scaling bug in 70px image export.
* CHANGED: Removed elevation from brush overlay.
* CHANGED: Hex rendering performance improvements.
* FIXED: Ceiling marker position bug in Hex 'H' regions.
* FIXED: Don't show system font styles when a built-in style exists.
* CHANGED: Modified the "CGA" theme in 3D viewports.
* ADDED: Floor > Clean > Elevation; remove all elevation from the current floor.
* ADDED: Configurable default theme for tile-maps.
* FIXED: Editing palette index 0 ignores alpha value in dialog box.
* FIXED: If marker or edge layer is hidden, switch tool will not toggle anything on this layer.

Gamer Edition

* FIXED: Possible crash when starting the text tool.

Game Link / LibRetro (Windows)

* ADDED: Support for Amiga (coming soon) and Atari ST emulation.
* ADDED: Tags for Game Link titles to group them into categories.
* CHANGED: Game Link browser visual refresh.
* ADDED: LibRetro Log viewport type, to dump messages generated by the emulator (typically only needed for debugging).
* CHANGED: Game Link emulator options menu entry is disabled if there are none.
* CHANGED: Game Link browser - merge play/resume/add button.
* CHANGED: LibRetro - improved double click emulation (e.g. GEM on Atari ST)
* ADDED: Mono audio down-mix option for LibRetro emulators (not DOSBox Gridc)
* ADDED: New 'Drive' menu to replace drive control sub-menu. Add new disk images to running emulation, export playlists.
* CHANGED: Look inside M3U files when computing a hash. Use the first referenced disk image.
* ADDED: If an emulator doesn't support M3U playlist files, then report this error and suggest loading separately.
* CHANGED: Only auto-hide the mouse pointer if inside the Game Link viewport.
* FIXED: Don't show externally/manually deleted auto-tracking profiles in radio dialog.
* CHANGED: In the Game Link browser, use the X button in the context menu to remove box-art from a game.
* CHANGED: Alphabetical sorting mode in game link browser now uses multiple columns.
* CHANGED: Moved game list sort mode to new category selector box and streamlined the toolbar.
* ADDED: Support for Wizardry I-II-III on SFC with the 'quickness bug fix patch' applied (from
* FIXED: Game Link reset keyboard shortcut now only working when a game/system is running.
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Post Nov 27, 2019 17:54
Update v4.4.0.3 released. A small update with a few fixes
Pro/Steam Edition

* ADDED: API for GCConsole, added AutoYield function to manually control synchronisation in application-type scripts.
* FIXED: Brush palette tile size menu not working.
* FIXED: Terrain drawing behaviour issue when using half-block terrain shapes.

Game Link / LibRetro (Windows)

* CHANGED: Remember last selected category and attempt to restore on startup.
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Post Nov 29, 2019 19:03
Bug fix release v4.4.0.5 is now available.
All Editions

* FIXED: Picker tool not picking colours from the basic block terrain.
* FIXED: Incorrect 'restore from fullscreen' icon displayed on the menu bar in Game Link and Console viewports.

Pro/Steam Edition

* FIXED: Command processor not launching a script that shares a name with a built-in command, even if named specifically.
* FIXED: Command processor, typing '/' on its own would crash the script.

Game Link / LibRetro (Windows)

* FIXED: Quick Load adds games to the 'uncategorized' group.
* FIXED: Tidied up some minor info issues in some game link profiles, no gameplay ramifications.
* ADDED: Fullscreen toggle button on the Game Link Browser.
* FIXED: Fullscreen toggle keyboard shortcut not working on Game Link Browser.
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Post Dec 06, 2019 22:54
Small patch release v4.4.0.6
* ADDED: Support for tape counter display.
* CHANGED: Removed 'active area' LibRetro extension; revert to showing whole image including borders.
* FIXED: Some PC keys not available for use by keyboard based systems.
* FIXED: Crash when loading a game from the right-click menu in game browser.
* FIXED: Correct "PUAE A500" media type (floppy disk).
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Post Jan 10, 2020 17:39
Happy New Year - patch release 7:
* ADDED: Disk drive LED activity light, compatible with VIC-20 and more cores coming soon.
* FIXED: Some more PC keys not available for use by keyboard based systems.
* FIXED: A-Z jump list is now case insensitive. Fixes duplicate letter entries.
* FIXED: Minor graphical glitch when tool options panel is collapsed.
* FIXED: When on the viewport layout dialog, opening the viewport type selection popup menu then dragging the dialog now auto-closes the popup.
* ADDED: Display 'fix' version number suffix (in this case, '_f7') if we're a patch release.
* FIXED: Crash bug when starting "Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures"(DOS) via Game Link. Thanks hercxena!
* FIXED: Use the default map theme for new maps and regions that are automatically created during Game Link.
* FIXED: Basic 'block' terrain style not visible on the brush overlay next to the other standard styles.
* FIXED: Corrected a minor error in the Game Link profile for "Metroid 2", thanks to Grauken for this!!