Announcements of New Releases
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Post Feb 04, 2020 17:50
v4.4.1 is now available!

Highlights for this update:

* Enhanced move tool.
* Additional tool option panels and command buttons.
* Critical editing bug fixes.



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Complete Change Log:

* CHANGED: Move tool now moves the whole floor if nothing is selected.
* ADDED: 'Exit Grid Cartographer' button on the Game Link viewport menu bar when full-screen mode is active.
* ADDED: Number suffix added to Game Link screenshot file names, to make capturing multiple frames easier.
* ADDED: Button panel for move tool. Nudge buttons will auto-repeat.
* ADDED: Change mouse cursor when dragging a paste/moved bit of floor.
* ADDED: Nudge options on Floor > Transform menu in the map editor.
* FIXED: Keyboard editing mode - pressing CTRL+direction will place a non-wall edge correctly, regardless of tool mode.
* FIXED: Tool options not updating correctly when starting and stopping paste/move mode.
* FIXED: Issue where tile effects and ceiling marks would remain in the copy/paste buffer, appearing again in future clipboard actions.
* FIXED: Text labels 'flying away' when rotating sub-sections of a floor.
* CHANGED: After flip/rotate operation, the new selection outline is a simple rectangle.
* ADDED: Tool option buttons for Note tool to accept/cancel/delete.
* ADDED: Delete button for text objects.
* FIXED: Graphical glitch on keyboard remapping screen in 'narrow mode'.
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts (unbound by default) for quick selection of smart basic block and simple basic block.
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Post Apr 07, 2020 12:04
v4.4.1_f1 is now available, with the following minor changes:

* FIXED: Add message box options to the localisation file.
* CHANGED: In Game Link, if launching a game with missing content - offer the option to directly browse for it.
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Post Jul 13, 2020 11:39
v4.4.1_f2 is now available, with the following changes:

* FIXED(PRO): Image export of 'Hex H' maps drawing incorrect edges.
* FIXED(PRO): Image export of hex maps potentially have fog hiding incorrect edges.
* FIXED(PRO): Potential extreme cropping issue when exporting images. Marker and Terrain layers were not being used for bounding box calculations.
* FIXED(PRO): Potential under-cropping issue with bounds calculation due to incorrect text object size calculation. Affected Select-All, image export and others.

Note: these issues don't affect the Gamer Edition, so the update is only for Pro/Steam